Milla Jovovich with her James Blunt look-a-like!

I like Milla Yo, Ya Bytch!  That be all.

Photos:  Posh24


10 thoughts on “Milla!

  1. PoorOrlando

    I LOVE Milla! I’m so glad you do, too. She’s the bomb. I absolutely loved her in the Fifth Element. Based on the characters she plays, I think Milla could kick Whorley’s ass!

    Take note, MirandingHO, that’s what a real couple in love look like. I don’t see any hands grabbing asses or gloomy faces, just two genuinely happy people clearly in love with each other. Phake that Whorlandingo!


  2. SadieJo

    For some reason I always think of Milla as the answer to the more “out there” model/actress blind gossip items. Dunno why other than I think she’s got a real wild side.


  3. anywho11

    @PoorOrlando, I loved the fith element, that is one of my families fav movies, kinda strange but on holidays and family get togethers thats our flick. And she is really pretty and can make some goods jokes. She is not impaired like cabbage patch, she actual is witty and funny.

    I also loved Bruce willis and Chris Tucker in that film too, perfect combo of action and comedy.


  4. Poor Orlando

    It’s amazing how we all think alike in so many ways! I also like Ultraviolet, a very similar character to me. I’m with you about watching 5th Element over and over. It NEVER gets old. Pirates 1, 2, &3, too. They will never get old, although I’m partial to #1.

    I also like the Blue Ray DVD of Kingdom of Heaven. It has many more scenes than the movie theater version. It makes much more sense and it’s a much better movie. Too bad they had to cut it way back for some reason. It ruined the movie and Orlando got blamed for it. The early undeleted scenes really explain why his character is so reserved. He was supposed to play it that way and therefore played it perfectly and didn’t walk through the role as he was accused of. Poor Orlando……


  5. anywho11

    I need to break out My sessy OB collection of movies. Love to watch them. Yeah I also felt bad when people blemed OB for the movie not doing good in the box office what is he supposed to do, he is just the actor. He did his job and acted, but I heard that the DC version was better too.

    But one things for sure… He did look sessy with his shirt off. (sounding a little to OLove right now). ;)


  6. Sister Scribonia Invidiosa of the Headspasm League

    It’s Paul Anderson, MT! I think her first hubby was Luc Besson. I’m drunk too, though… drunk on boredom. :)

    Oh, and is it just me, or do her eyebrows look crrrazy?


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