Shag Or Gag?


The beautiphul Zu and the beautiphul Master Tsukai requested a shag or gag? on the very pretty Rodrigo Santoro.


^ What a beautiphul haircut!


Not Rodrigo, but Tom Wisdom popped up whilst I was trolling the webz for Rodrigo-themed  imagery.


^ Whatchu looking at bytch-phace?


17 thoughts on “Shag Or Gag?

  1. Oh. My. God.

    Shag until I pass out. And then someone can throw cold water on me to get me started again.

    Now I’ve seen those pics from Love, Actually I remember him. I just didn’t realise that was him. Everytime I say his name I can’t help thinking of Othello. Wasn’t there a Roderigo in Othello?

    Who is Tom Wisdom? He looks a bit of alright too.


  2. tina

    I think I could be talking into Shagging him.

    Tom Wisdom was the spartan in 300 who got decapitated. He was also in this UK show called Mile High which was basically an attempt to make stewards/stewardess and pilots having sex into a TV show. Tom also has hte best skin of an actor I have ever seen. You know he is 35 yrs old and he looks like a baby.


  3. SadieJo

    Shag. He’s what makes Nicole Kidman’s perfume commercial watchable. That Karl on the bed scene in Love Actually is my favorite scene of the whole movie. He also looks really smart in his glasses. Beauty and brains. Shag. Shag and Shag again.


  4. hazey jane

    Hmmmm…. He’s made in Brazil, you know? :D He’s a very nice guy, clever, good actor… But I’m not sure if I’d shag him. I don’t like this “latin lover” type very much… Although he has an amazing body… Hmmmm… He needs to convince me. :p


  5. I have never liked latino guys (drama enough as I live in Mexico) but this is a delicious exception… I would shag him till DEAD!! and then I would pay for some sort of living forever kinda thing, make them bring him back from death as young as he´s now and start the shagging again… ohh boy!


  6. Tina, I guess that’s why he’s standing in front of a giant 300 movie poster then? That should have tipped me off right away, hahaha!..

    Oh my! That was Rodrigo in the Nicole Kidman Chanel ad?

    Relax Anners, I’m just window shopping. I blew all my monies on Christmas presents, so I can’t afford to outbid you for Tommy.

    Master Tsukai, eternity is a long time. I hope Rodrigo can hold up for that long.


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