Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays

Dear Slags:   I am sorry about the lack of posts as of late!   (That sounds really self-important but I don’t mean it that way at all).  I mean I even changed the layout to this gloriously atrocious Christmas Theme because I planned on posting some stuff.   But it’s like this:  Either bake cookies, imbibe all sorts of cheap wine  and watch The Sound of Music with my weird sissies or blog about wetodds?   Yeah, the former won out! 

Merry Christmas, slags!   You’re all such a cute bunch of slutcrackers and it’s been a pleasure blogging with you.  I hope you’re having delicious Christmases or just you know,  just happy ones.   If you’re not, please accept this very sincere and very virtual soul-hug from me.   Feel all betterz now? 

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me,


P.S. This picture is from last year.  Sorry!

P.P.S.  It’s Koala Janers’ birthday!   Happy Birthday, Janers!   I absolutely love you for all perpetuity.   


10 thoughts on “Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays

  1. SadieJo

    Merry Christmas Anners! Happy Birthday Janers!

    Too funny about the Sound of Music. We always watch that too! This year though, it’s the Nutcracker Marathon on the Ovation Channel. Pass the wine, please.

    Silent night, whorely night. All is calm, all is bright.

    Peace slags.


  2. Mystic

    I love watching The Sound of Music, mostly cause thats where my names comes from LOL. Its a good movie of course.

    Merry Christmas!


  3. PoorOrlando

    Anners: Please stop apologizing! You are a brilliant “hot slag” whose posts are the most unique anywhere on the net and the most inventive. I mean, how in the world did you ever come up with Miranda as a gladiator in a pink silk robe destroying Whorelando? It’s so symbolically true.

    There is no one like you. And, thank you for using a picture of Whorley from last year, because this year would have been slim pickens to find a decent one and only would have reminded us of the “annus horribilis” that we’ve all been through.

    Merry Christmas to you and the best happy birthday to Janers! You two ROCK!

    And I second, “Peace on Earth.”


  4. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all at Kate Blogsworth and most of all Happy Birthday to Janers – hope you had a brilliant day!

    Anners, thank heavens you used a “hot Orly” picture from last year. As Poor Orlando so rightly pointed out it would have been near impossible to find something suitable from 2008.


  5. Cait

    Happy belated birthday, Janers! I hope you had a fabulous one!

    And a merry belated Christmas to all my favorite blogettes! I’ll see you ladies in the new year! :D


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