Prince Lesbian! Hearts!


I actually watched Prince Caspian this past Christmas.   Yeah, for all my shameless and brazen fawning over Ben Barnes, I never bothered to watch the young lady’s movie.   I’m glad I phinally did, though,  because that little bytch is quite beautiphul.

Looking forward to Dorian Gray!  Yes.  I will watch all of his movies from this day forward.  Not the one with Jessica Biel, though, because her mouth is nasty.



7 thoughts on “Prince Lesbian! Hearts!

  1. Poor Orlando

    Ah, Mr. Ben Barnes, be still my heart. While shopping at the mall the day after Christmas, I walked by the Gap store and OMG, there he was about 20 feet tall on the back wall! I gravitated towards his picture (the one I use as my avatar) in an hypnotic state ignoring the hustle and bustle around me and when I reached his poster, I just stared for 5 minutes in a daze. The angels sang and the heavens rang out with joy.

    Why isn’t this young Adonis a HUGE worldwide star? No one I know in the flesh ever heard of him, just my internet friends. Aaaaaarrrrrgggghhhh! And now Disney has pulled out of the next Narnia/Caspian movie, so they’re looking for financing instead of starting to shoot it already. I really don’t care what movie he’s in, I just wish they would open at a theater near me. Where is Easy Virtue? Not here in the U.S. (yet anyway).

    Between waiting for a Ben Barnes film and an Orlando film to come out, I’m losing my mind. I suppose I should get a life.


  2. Anners Scribonia aka Gunnedah Hobag

    Poor Orlando, Kellers and Akeelers know what’s up! :)
    Joders and Wanders: You two bytches need to cool it.


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