Bozzers Is Getting Bold


Here’s Bozzers’ foto shoot for Tank Magazine.  I guess The Laundry Warrior is coming out soon and they want  bytches to go see it really bad and to do this they are forcing their starlet into quasi-edgy photoshoots involving awkward, latent sessuality.  It all sort of looks like a rejected W magazine editoral.   I hate W magazine and all fashion magazines these days.  Boring as eph!

By the way,  I phorgot to wish Bozzers a Happy Birthday a few days ago.  She’s like 26 now.   Happy Birthday to Bozzers.

Miranda Kerr is still a nassty Dingo.









8 thoughts on “Bozzers Is Getting Bold

  1. Janers

    I don’t know if it’s a wise idea promoting a movie in a magazine called Tank.

    I didn’t know Bozzers was so skan.. er, um.. arty.


  2. All things considered, this isn’t such a bad series of pics. It’s a little contrived, and she looks like she’s trying a bit hard. (The way she’s dressed makes it look like she’s doing subliminal advertising for her movie, by playing with the title. And you’re right about it looking like a reject from W.)

    At the same time, it’s better than anything she-who-won’t-be-named has done.


  3. SadieJo

    Bozzienna Blogsworth looks fierce in that blue tank. The rest, not so much.

    Happy birthday, Boz, and congrats on getting your ta-ta’s googled a million times.


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