The Rexy Goddess Is Preggers


Katers got papped and tagged by security at the airport in Thailand (I think).  That is no way to treat a rexy supermodel who is with child!   Why didn’t they tag Scarfmonster’s arse  instead?   If I was airport security and it was between Katers and Scarfmonster, I’d opt for the latter. 

It seems that Katers is droping hints that she truly is pregged.   She doubled her Nanny’s Christmas bonus because “she hoped she’d have twice as much work for her this year.”  

Make of that what you will.

Kate also told Nanny that  she is  “the only person in the world she would want to be there if she had a new baby.”   Nanny was so overcome with emotion at Kate’s words that she “burst into tears”.

You’d cry too if you were faced with the prospect of having to burp one of Scarfmonster’s chillenz. 





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