Hobby Horse Down

Major strife on the set of Nottingham!   I added the exclamation mark to make this all seem very exciting.  It was a waste, though, because I know absolutely nobody cares about the shiz going down on some bunk ass movie set.  All you really need to know is that Russell Crowe is a big phat idiot (literally) who has a big phat ego, and that he is a hater of Hobby Horsies.  

Yeah!   So Russell started demanding shiz and acting like a blubbery monster:   He didn’t like the script (so he ordered a re-write that was basically all about him), and he didn’t like Sienners around because she made his arse look phat or something.  Alas, got booted (she was to have been Maid Marian).   Says a source:   “It is a mess.  Russell never lost the weight. . . and so the love scenes between him and Sienna would have been laughable.  He’s so old and fat and she’s so young and gorgeous. It’s just . . . gross.”

Yeah, gross!   

Some sap from the studio wouldn’t give credence to the ‘Russell antics’, but they did have the guts to acknowledge the fact that Sienners was “released”.   Yes, released back into the wild where she can gallop in the meadows with all the other unemployed hobby horsies.



8 thoughts on “Hobby Horse Down

  1. Anywho

    Eww, yeah I have seen some grody pics of Russel Crowe, I didnt know that he looked that way, but then again I dont follow on him. He looks like a mess.


  2. Anonymous Coward

    I do find this headline is funny (though not quite as much as the South Park version), but I also think the amount of abuse this woman/hobby horse gets is way out of proportion.

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  3. SadieJo

    I recently watched both Factory Girl and Interview and still don’t see the genius of Sienna. Just escapes me why people think she’s worth all the bother. So she’s gone from Nottingham, she’ll just find a different movie to harass us with.

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  4. Anners Scribonia aka Gunnedah Hobag

    SadieJo, she’s not a very great actress.

    AC: I don’t get the South Park reference! I do find the latter part of your comment pretty hilarious, though. I haven’t been that mean to Sienners, have I?


  5. Anonymous Coward

    Well, I assumed that “Hobby Horse Down” came from “Black Hawk Down”. And there was a South Park Christmas episode called “Red Sleigh Down”. If you choice of words had nothing to do with either then I might not find it very funny after all. :-)

    You have also been mean to Sienna (not in this post particularly), but it was more of a general observation.


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