why does he wear so much purple?


hola my fellow gg groupies! i know my byline doesn’t exactly match the always beautiful blake in the photo above but it was my fave line from the show tonight!

a very much belated happy holidays/happy new year to you all (and a belated b-day to jane, too!) i was packing and moving across the country over the holidays so now i am on the much warmer west coast back in so cal yet again. so sorry for being a bit neglectful but i am back and mostly settled so let’s get to discussing the last two episodes! as always, spoilers abound!

ok, so i haven’t been too impressed with either of these last 2 shows. blair and chuck were boring as can be and jack (who bears an incredibly striking resemblance to papa chuck) just isn’t that kick ass… yet!

so happy that serena dumped aaron on the flight to rio. sooooo annoyed that the first thing she did was go running back to dan when she got home. couldn’t she have brought home some hot and sessy latin libertine? adding to that the whole dan and serena now share a sibling – it was obvious the adoptive parents were just lying to get lily and rufus off their case. as long as they bring another gorgeous boy on to fill the role then i approve!

the writing has been super graspy/expected these two episodes. chuck on top of the building was so lackluster. blair has been meandering about like a stepford wife. where has dorota been? the whole blair sleeping with jack thing just isn’t that exciting since we only heard about it and didn’t actually get to see the action unfold in front of us. i mean, seriously. why haven’t they delved in to that more or at least provided us with some flashbacks at the bare minimum?

i actually like little j and e. they make a cute gay husband/wifey combo. did vanessa and nate completely fall off the face of the planet? where has all the smart sassiness gone? it sucks that they make a come back with one or two episodes and then it feels like we have to languish through another 3-4 to get back to the good stuff. is anyone else as annoyed as me or are my expectations too high?

in other gg news: little j is in teen vogue. and she dishes about cool things like working out and “being a musician”. i mean, i know she’s only 15 but come on:

What do you wear to the gym? My thing about going to the gym is that I leave my bracelets on, and I put on my makeup the way I would do it in real life, and I wear cute clothes, because if I don’t feel good when I leave the house, then I’m not motivated to do it. I need to like how I look while I’m doing it.

You act and model. What do you hope to achieve in the future? I definitely want to continue doing what I love. I’m also a musician and singer, and I write music. That’s a huge passion of mine. Huge, huge! I’m currently working on an album with my band, so I would love to do something with that. That would be the next big thing I’d like to accomplish.

for more of that shiz, click here. you can also take the “which gossip girl am i?” quiz. please do and keep me sane by letting me know if you are a little j, too. how did that happen?!?!?!? click here for it.

ed and chace are going to be on the view tomorrow. get your tivos set!

also, georgina may be coming back to stir things up! i will post more once i read more about it!

dish please! xoxo :)


2 thoughts on “why does he wear so much purple?

  1. Janers

    I feel like it’s gone downhill too. Where has the notorious teenage back stabbing and game playing gone? The ‘mean girls’ are so petty and don’t know how to manipulate like Blair once did.

    I think they are grasping at straws with the whole Rufus/Lilly kid thing. Wasn’t she in hospital like Eric? Last I checked psychiatric hospitals aren’t for delivering babies and I doubt someone could spend so much time around a guy they had a kid with and not tell him about it. I thought it was sick was the adoptive parents did tho – telling 2 people their child is dead when they aren’t?! He’s 19 for goodness sake, it’s not like they can take custody of an adult and letting some rich people into the life of your teenage son doesn’t sound like the worst idea in the world. It would be better for him to know the reason his birth parents gave him away and that they still cared for him.

    And can Chuck stop being an ass to Blair so they can hurry up and join forces to take Jack down?


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