Happy Birthday, Lovah!

Everybody, it’s Whorelando’s birthday today.  His annoying and itinerate  ass is 32 years old.   I hesitate to call him my boyfriend these  days because we’re going through a rough patch due to the fact that he’s a philandering whorebag who has taken to public cavorting with a brazen, witless dingo.   Phuck him all over the place for that —  but not today.

Today I’ll be nice.


Joders wishes you a happy Birthday, too, whorelando

As does Wanda.

^ Viggo:  Are these the dingo’s underwear?

Whorelando:  Those are totes the dingo’s undies.




13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Lovah!

  1. PoorOrlando

    Happy B-day Whorley:

    I don’t know what to say. Everything I’ve written and deleted just comes out mean. On what should be a joyous day is just filled with disgust, but I’ll try one more time….

    Here’s to a new year and hopefully YOU coming to your senses. I do hope you have a nice day. It will probably be with “her,” but we all know that will end someday and the world will breathe a little easier when it does. Out with the dark days and in with the bright ones. Have fun, OB on YOUR day. Do some surfing, ride your motorcycle, play with your dog (not the dingho). Be good to yourself and we will, too. Happy Birthday!


  2. Voxy

    It’s official he has done nothing for two years!

    Hmmm, I wonder if he’ll go through a midlife crisis. When people do things to make themselves feel younger. He might actually work!

    Happy Birthday Orlando!


  3. SadieJo

    A little toast for our birthday boy –

    Here’s to being single……
    Drinking doubles……
    And seeing triple.

    I can tell by that first picture above that he took my happy wishes to heart.



  4. @ Wanda – the dingHo has to write her name on her undies coz she forgets what her name is sometimes.

    Dear Orlando (look, I didn’t call you Whorelando!),

    I know that on my blog I suggested you didn’t really deserve a happy birthday. But I’ve had time to think about it. And I’ve changed my mind. You do deserve a happy birthday.

    This last year hasn’t been so good for you, has it? So, maybe a lot of the crap was of your own making. And it sure looked like you let the dingHo lead you around the place by your pe, uhhh, by your nose.

    But this next year will be better, right? You’ll get rid of the insane fleabag, you’ll go back to work and you’ll get all beautiful again. Won’t you? I said, WON’T YOU??!!

    I hope you had a happy birthday. And I hope it was dingHo free. Just like the rest of the year will be.

    Much Luuuurve



  5. Janers

    They’re Whorlando panties – he let Viggo keep them and he’s showing off his little prize.

    – But seriously WTF is with bringing a pair of politically incorrect underwear to the red carpet? Is he high or what?


  6. zuluzulu5

    @ Mystic yeah a fan with a great ability to see the future, LOL. I mean from how long ago is that picture? God, he looked H-O-T.


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