Dear Editors Of The Dingo’s Wikipedia Page:


Mirandingo is 25 annos old, not 23.  Who cares anyway?  Bytch is 25!  There’s nothing wrong with being 25, but there is something wrong with preying on weak, British mammals.


19 thoughts on “Dear Editors Of The Dingo’s Wikipedia Page:

  1. SadieJo

    That’s 175 in dingo years. And 327 in model years. The eville dingho made a few of those edits herself – what’s up RandiiMKerr? She actually edited it down two more years to say she was born in ’87 instead of ’85 or ’83. Oh yeah, and she added an inch to her height.


  2. Vy

    The Dingho looks FRIGHTENING in that photo. And it’s not even because of the blood!

    Sorry I’ve been away from the blog for so long! I’ve been working on grad school apps and they’ve been kicking my butt.


  3. This is what happens when you don’t have a team on hand to do your hair and makeup and a stylist to dress you. You look phuglier than the normal folk who style themselves.

    She looks like she’s got 327 years worth of bags under her eyes.


  4. Ducati

    175 in dingo years, lol sadiejo.
    @ Wanda with all the time the dingo spends online, one would think she would now to hide her footsteps. Not?


  5. jaded4good

    Ducati, the ability to learn and improve yourself requires a functional brain. I almost said human brain, but rats can learn, so her yorkie is probably smarter than her. No big feat, really.


  6. Slapparr

    Ducati, she has the brain of a mentally challenged pea… of course she’s not going to know that, i’m suprised she’s managed to identify what the words “keyboard” and “internet” or “website” actually mean…. can you imagine what a challenge that would of been when she first started out………


  7. ihatedirtydingos

    I’m so freaking over this nasty dirty-dingo and her attempt to “be a star”. Ain’t gonna happen babe. You just don’t have the chops. If you were 21 you would still have that face.

    Oh and I know you will read this because like the others said, everyone knows you are on the sites all the phuking time you sad joke. No one is “just jealous” of your fake boyfriend honey they are just laughing their asses off at your lame pap shows you have to do.


  8. Poor Orlando

    Gawd, she’s hard to look at. No wonder (as SHE says) Orlando likes to do her from behind. (Eeeewww…. Was that too gross?)


  9. I don’t see the point of her repeatedly lying about her age, since she doesn’t look 23 anymore — unless it’s to prevent people from pointing out that she’s awfully immature for her age. It’s one thing to be 23 and pretty ditzy; there’s still just enough margin for youth and immaturity. But it’s another thing to be 25 and still be acting like a teeny-bopper. That’s when people start to realize it’s a problem with character and not maturity.

    The strange thing is she actually sounded more mature when she was 23 than she does now. In some of those older videos, she actually sounds reasonably coherent. How does one mature backwards?


  10. icky poo

    Caniad it was probably just that she started the lie with one of the people she worked for and then had to make it true and keep the lie going.


  11. Anners Scribonia aka Gunnedah Hobag

    Hi Vy! I am very familiar with the special pain that is grad school app season. Good Luck!

    Ihatedirtydingoes & ickypoo: so sorry your comments were floating in moderation!

    PoorOrlando: When did the dingo say that? Oh yeah, and: ewww!


  12. anywho11

    Yeah im sure she thinks she is 23 in her mind just like she is 5’9″ too. Yeah right she is 5’7″ and she knows it.


  13. anywho11

    Her face is greasy in this pic hardcore and her teeth look like Bugs Bunny. She has the most square front teeth ever.


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