Not Getting Divorced

I’m mainly doing this post because I negelected to talk shiz about J.Lopez’s dress at the ‘Globes.  The dress is gilded, phug, nasty, and pulling apart at the seams.   Note to Jennifer Lopez:  Stop showing up at award shows with skank-bodiced dresses! 

Jennifer would also like to let the whole globe know that she and her hot husband are not heading toward a divorce.  She says that everytime she loses her wedding ring, people start making up stories about a “divorce”.  

Since she loses her wedding ring so often, perhaps she ought to anticipate this shiz in the phuture and carry around a spare.   Whatever, the divorce rumors iz phalse because she and Antony are happily wedded in bliss.  

Sayeth Lopez:    “Divorce is not — and was never — an option.”

Did she really just say that?  Hee!



4 thoughts on “Not Getting Divorced

  1. Poor Orlando

    Does she have a mirror where she can see herself from the back? Whatever was she thinking? Flab hanging over her dress = not attractive. And what was with everyone at the Globes pulling their hair back to the extreme? Yuck!

    See what a year of Whorley and the Dingho has done to me? I’ve turned into a bytch. It’s also been a frustrating year waiting for SOMETHING with Ben baby to come out. Where is Easy Virtue????? Not here in the U.S. I don’t understand. And then they may kill his Narnia sequel. What next, dingho puppies? Oh, I’m very worried.


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