Hey Hobags

I can’t help but notice that Whorlando Bloom got many more birthdays posts than moi. That hurts you know – when your Typho friends care more about a celebrity they have never met than they do you. Ya’ll can make it up to me by heading down to the local pound and adopting a few dogs – I know many of you aren’t a fan of dingos but everyone loves Labs and Jack Russells!

PLEEEAAAASSSEE – I haven’t been able to con anyone  into it so far and so many lovely dogs and puppies get put down each day. It makes me so sad. If you’re like me and already have a bunch of dogs or no backyard you can always make a donation to a no kill shelter.



P.S. I recently found out that there are volunteers out there who take dogs from the pound and care for them in their own homes whilst trying to adopt them out. Bless their hearts. Us animal lovers sure are greatful such people exist.

P.S.S. Sorry for dumping a bunch of guilt and sadness on you on a celeb blog. I understand if Anners doesn’t want me writing on here after the use of emotional blackmail.


13 thoughts on “Hey Hobags

  1. Anners Scribonia aka Gunnedah Hobag

    Dearest Koala Janers, You know I love you!

    I’m very ashamed that more of us slutmonsters didn’t wish you a happy birthday, but I’m too poor to own a doggie. :(


  2. jane121

    That’s ok – at least u understand u don’t have the resources for a dog. It’s the idiots that don’t who are the reason for doggie genocide.

    Just spread the message ok? There are so many dogs at the pound who are only 6 months old (I guess some people don’t want them when they stop being puppies) so there is no need to go to a pet store.

    I really don’t care about my birthday – I was just trying to work a little joke in for u fangirls.


  3. jane121

    It’s cool Wanda – I was just making fun u of guys’ Whorlando obessesion tis all. I don’t even like it when someone reminds me of my birthday (and the fact another year has gone by).



  4. FB – facebook.

    I was gonna do a birthday post for you Janers with all the boyz that you like, but you play your cards very close to your chest. I don’t think I can name one actor / singer / celeb that you have any sort of a crush on.

    Animal shelters are the only places that I donate to on a regular basis.


  5. Poor Orlando

    Well, happy belated Birthday, wonderful Janers!!!!!!

    I, like you, hate the thought of all those angelic K9s (and cats) being put down because someone just got tired of them. I’m not looking for kudos or anything, I just want to let you know that I myself donate monthly to the ASPCA and have the honor of living with two beautiful dogs and a stunning cockatiel. My one little guy, an American Eskimo, was a rescue dog I got from a rehabilitation center for abused dogs. He would have been put down by the Humane Society because he was unadoptable. This guy was 6 months old and had been beaten as a puppy and now suffers from a little bit of brain damage. They took him to the shelter after 6 months, but he just wanted to kill everyone so no one wanted to adopt him. The shelter was going to put him down, but instead called this rehabilitation place, run by a woman and her daughter (in the Portland, Oregon area – I used to live there) to see if he could be helped. They took him in and then fate brought me and my little angel together 2 months later. It took about 4 more years for him to stop attacking everyone and from hiding under the end table and growling. Now, he loves to be with the family while we watch tv, sits on the sofa with me, and jumps up on my bed regularly. And, he absolutely loves to go to the doggie beach here in Long Beach, CA. He’s 9 years old now and is just a joy to be with (when he’s not barking at every little noise – he’s quite the barker!).

    Anyway, getting dogs from the pound can be a lot of work, but it’s so worth it. The joy of their love is doubled because you can just tell that they are so grateful that you saved them. I recommend it to everyone.

    How could anyone give up that adorable face that you posted? I just don’t understand it.


  6. Voxy

    Otanjyobi omeditou, otanjyobi omeditou, otanjyobi omeditou, basu dei wa Janers-san!

    Happy brithday song in Japanese!

    I got two dogs two. Monkey and Dingo (I named her dingo long before Kerr ever came into the picture. LOL) Ones an outside dog while the other is indoors, not my choice i just cant keep Monkey inside. Dogs are cute and smart too. Monkey always has a way of making me look bad when I take care of him, since he’s my aunts dog. Whenever my aunt or someone comes home he always rushes to his food bowl. Like I either forgot to feed him or forgot to give him water. Little booger. And with Duingo, she lays there looking at a toy just out of reach or across the room and barks at it till I am forced to get it for her. I think those two have a little tag team thing going on to see how fast they can drive me crazy. but that is just me and my paranoid mind.
    N E ways, my life is way more interesting with them and i love those monsters. How anyone could just toss them away like that hurts my soul.


  7. Janers

    Joders, Voxy and Poor Orlando – thank you for reminding me how many dedicated pet owners there are out there. I don’t know how people can treat a pet as disposible.

    Joders & Poor Orlando: how wonderful it is that you are so generous by donating to animals shelters – it’s good to know these abandoned animals have someone on their side.

    And lastly, Poor Orlando: that was an incredibly kind hearted and brave thing you did by taking in abused dog and giving him a chance at life like that. Most people (including myself) would simply have gone for an easier dog.


  8. hey janers, long time no talk.
    dont worry janers we’re down for the cause.
    they hav the foster programmes at most shelters here in the states. i volunteerd at a shelter where most of the animals were in foster homes which gave the shelter lower overhead and more attention to all of the animals.
    my coworker is caring for 1 mother cat and 5 kittens in her apartment right now.


  9. As always, I’m late, but happy birthday! I love the picture, by the way. My own favorite yellow lab makes gets exactly the same look sometimes. Fortunately, she’s not stuck behind a chain-link fence.


  10. Slapparr

    i had no idea either…. Happy birthday……… PS are you beating whorelando on the number of birthday posts now…….


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