Kate Turned 35, Pissed Off The Neighbors

The front of Moss' gown is revealed as a bouncer escorts her from her car to the front door


Why do all Kate Moss’ birthday parties last for several days?  Her mommy must have had a looooong labor period.  Anyway, Kate Moss turned 35 years old (although she actually looks like 35-backwards) on January 16th (though the party lasted for several days) and she had some kick-ass bacchanal that involved stuffed and embalmed animals and also ibvolved some loud-ass music that pissed off her hot neighbors.

Here are some snippets from the neighbors:

“They were bringing in a moose head in a van and some high-backed chairs. We could not park our cars.”

“I had to take the kids to another bedroom because of the noise. I phoned the council to complain.”

“I went to bed at midnight but couldn’t get to sleep because the music from the house was so loud. Even with double glazing, it was echoing around the bedroom.”

“The music was mainly Eighties, including some decent Queen tunes.  All my family were trying to get to sleep so I complained to the council.  They turned up just before 1am and the music was turned down, but as soon as they left it went up again – and went on until gone 7am.”

Katers is kind of mean.




2 thoughts on “Kate Turned 35, Pissed Off The Neighbors

  1. a bunch of katers haters! she kind of does deserve a lashing (or something). isn’t she preggers, too? partying until 7 am isn’t exactly the best for baby but someone clearly doesn’t care that much. is that her mama with her?


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