The Dingo Went Shopping Yesterday

As much crap as I talk about the dingHo and her curiously perpetually absent fashion-sense, at least she doesn’t dress like a hoochie mama in her daily life and limits that only to her jobber.  She  still looks like a witch on a mini-vacation, though.  

I can’t believe I just said something semi-nice about the dingo.  

To counter that nice thing I just said, I bet it took her a loooooong time to figure out which key she needed to start the dingomobile.   She’s pretty agile with those paws, though — good dexterity.

I also bet Whorelando is tied-up in the trunk.




8 thoughts on “The Dingo Went Shopping Yesterday

  1. Voxy

    Perhaps she’s getting in her car to run down Orlando, who decided to make a run for it while she was distracted with shopping.



  2. PoorOrlando

    She looks Amish! Two thumbs down on the outfit and on that stupid braid in her hair. I have nothing else to say. I just can’t waste my time on her.

    Hey, Voxy: I see you are a Ben Barnes lover, too! Welcome to the club.


  3. Slapparr

    wow its an outfit thats kind of missed, but its not totally hideous, i don’t get it, her hair is shit, her face is shit, the shades are shit, the overall look is shit and yet there is something about the belt skirt combo that i cant quite call shit……



  4. She needs to learn to dress to suit her height and her build. This outfit does nothing for her. Nor did those hideous tights and Ugh boots and nor did those god awful high waisted skinny jeans from the other day.

    You don’t need a stylist to dress you properly, you just need some commonsense to dress yourself.

    And please don’t get me started on her “Heidi” hair. (High on a hill lived a lonely Goatherd, layee odl, layee odl, lay hee hoo!)


  5. Ducati

    lol…dingomobile, I swear this board should come with a warning. “Read at your owe risk” right next to jealous haters of the world unite.


  6. Akeelers a.k.a.glamma_puss

    Someone should tell her that wide belts look best on girls with hips. Then again, she’s so damn skinny, she’s probably wearing a slap bracelet around her waist.

    The more this dummy puts her pics up on JJ, the more I like her. She makes it way too easy for me to make fun of her.


  7. Hamil

    The Dingo Went Shopping Yesterday? Who wastes their time bashing someone they hate and especially about them shopping?

    This site is beyond pathetic and idiotic. I hope Miranda Kerr finds this website and sues your a***s but shes a better person than a bunch of jealous tweens who hate on people they don’t know.

    Maybe one day you people can grow up, Highly doubt it


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