Live Blogging The Inauguration…


So I’m watching CNN.   Washington DC looks cooold.  At least it looks sunny today.   The first thing I saw was Arnold Swarzeneger’s head on the screen, though.    Ew.   I may have spelled his name wrong, but I don’t care.  He’s my Governor, by the way.  How tragic is that?  Seems the Terminator can’t control our budget.  I also  saw Ted Kennedy.   God bless Ted Kennedey!  I saw John Kerry too;  He’s sort of an elegant-looking man, really. 

Obama and Bush just left the white house (I thikn that was the white house?) and as soon as the people waiting nearby saw Obama theystarted cheering.   That was cute!  I’d cheer too, if I was there.

CNN just said that they weren’t taking any commercial breaks until after Obama speakes (which happens in about an hour).   That’s all sorts of hot.

Why am I jittery and nervous?   I’m hungry and cold and I had three hours of sleep last night.


The Supreme Court bytches are headed to the ceremony as I type.   Get ephed, Clarence Thomas!


CNN is showing live footage if you can’t get to a TV.   This is supposedly going to be the ‘most-watched’ event in the history of television.

Go HERE .   Or just got to if that link doesn’t work.


Why is Dan Quayle allowed at this event?

Oooh, it’s  Al Gore (and Tipper)!

The Internets are really slow this morning, I may have to stop this.


Yeah, I’m out until after the ceremony.  This is getting awkward.

Sasha and Malia just came out. though.  Gorgeous little girls!



I wish I was in DC right nowz.



That crowd at the Mall looooks huge.


They’re blaring trumpets right now.   Jimmy Carter and his wife are being announced.   I’m guessing they’re going to announce all the past presdents now (who are still with us).

This is the first inauguration I ever watched.


12 thoughts on “Live Blogging The Inauguration…

  1. Akeelers a.k.a.glamma_puss

    I Just want you to know that Aretha Franklin is singing the shit out of “My Country “Tis of Thee”.


  2. Anners Scribonia aka Gunnedah Hobag

    The whole thing was lovely.

    Aretha did a beautiful job; she sounded like Janis Joplin a wee bit. That was neat.


  3. Dame Daners Isadora Would Like To Make Daniel Craig Her Bitch

    HOly crap! I missed this!

    I am so very proud to call Barack Obama my President


  4. Anners Scribonia aka Gunnedah Hobag

    So did I Daners, notice how I left at 8:24 and never came back. Hee.

    I also screwed up the times somehow but am far too lazy to fix it. I’m going back to sleep.


  5. I’ve been bawling off and on all day. My co-workers were laughing at me at first, but they were borrowing my tissues before it was all over.

    I couldn’t get the live stream to work on CNN though. Thankfully someone else had it.


  6. anywho11

    Yeah I saw this when I was working at this resturant, they had it playing on a big tv in the bar area and I just sat there watching it. It was amazing. Crazy that 2 senitors passed out during the lunch afterwards though. I wonder is Sarah Palin was there? I think John Mccain was there.


  7. Jossie

    I just feel sad for Barack, what if He doesnt deliver as it is expected, maybe I see the glass half-empty, I really do hope He does great. He is the little white hope for your country, I just really hope people for the USA dont trash him, if he cant get done all that it is needed for all USA people.


  8. I dont know why I´m not excited.. Of course Im glad to see the smelly ass of Bush go away but I dont think USA will improve in its situation with other countries…

    and God if he has high expectations!! Must be terrible to be a president, seriously… but well, you have a new president so lets celebrate… :-P


  9. tina

    So i have to telly ou all this little gem that came out of my 4 yr olds mouth yesterday. I will admit to having told her when she asked me once if Pres. Bush would be on a coin someday that no he wouldnt because he was a BAD president. SO anyway, she says to me Is Barack Obama president now? I said yes he is! So she says to me “well when can throw Pres Bush in the trash now!” lololol Yes I am raising a good bleeding heart liberal!


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