hey now, nekkid mozzers…


back in the day when he used to tear his shirts off at concerts i used to swoon and my heart would skip a couple beats.

these days mozzers has more of a tendency to make me giggle. i know there are still many of us that love the man so i had to post this. after the jump (since i’m pretty sure not everyone wants to see mozzers in that much detail) is the inner sleeve artwork for his new single “i’m throwing my arms around paris”. it features 7″ vinyl records covering the goods of moz and his bandmates. tee hee.

the new album “years of refusal” is coming out feb 17th and i for one am very excited to see him play at coachella this year (if you haven’t seen the line up it’s AMAZING! click here for it).

also, for your viewing pleasure, here is the video for the single (he is fully clothed in this):


the forum that i first found this pic had the best comment: i wonder how they got the vinyl to stick! :)


12 thoughts on “hey now, nekkid mozzers…

  1. Anners Scribonia Boombox Island

    Howdy, Tiffers!

    Morrissey… love him.

    Wow, he’s nude! That’s so RHCP. ;)

    I’ve been listening to a lot of Maladjusted lately… it’s a good record.


  2. hi anners! i thought it was very rhcp, too. but they were the pioneers in oui oui photo shoots, i suppose ;) satan rejected my soul is one of my fave morrissey songs evs!

    master – the wiki page on him is actually quite good. basically he was the lead singer of the smiths. nasty break up. nasty law suits followed later. started his solo career soon after the smiths breakup. used to claim celibacy and would not associate with being straight, gay or bi. instigates fights with loads of other musicians constantly. always woefully singing that no one loves him. has a really funny sense of humor (if it’s not meant to be funny i laugh anyway!) new album comes out in two weeks! if you want more info just let me know – i’m sure any number of the other slags could fill you in more as well!


  3. Anners Scribonia Boombox Island

    Wanda, I have to send you a Morrissey Mix and you have to promise to listen to it… I need to fix my GD CD burner first, though.

    Check your mailz!


  4. stella

    omg! it’s been phorevvvvvvaaaaaaaaa since i’ve been here. sorry little ladies for my absence(not that any of u could have cared) for i had some really hard personal times but i hope to back with more frequency to give my two cents…but…last thursday i met MORRISSEY!!! at jimmy kimmel. i got hooked up with green room passes and well, even though i didnt really get much time with the man, he was gracisou enough to say hello and shake my hand. i can now die in peace.
    also, the most amazing thing was singing along to “this charming man” apparently it hasnt been heard live since 1985. i pheel phucking lucky..
    why pamper lifes complexities…………..
    love all ya’ll!


  5. Anners Scribonia Boombox Island

    Stellz! I cared! I was wondering what happened to you. Did you ever get to SF?

    And you met Morrissey? That’s just beautiful.

    Cheers and Well-Wishes


  6. stella

    yes i made it to sf.. it was so cold and whirlwind i felt like i literally came and went.
    i plan to make another visit soon again and for a longer period of time. 2 days didnt cut it for me.
    and yes, morrissey, my love, it was the most magical moment of my life, that and meeting mr. cola gorda himself.

    but yeah, broke up with the boyfriend, still living with him though (rough but were still great frinds) and moving back to LA in a month. hate my job and just want to spend the rest of my life just going to shows…


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