Ashley Judd Would Like Sarah Palin To Stop Killing Wolves

Sarah Palin is a wolf-murdering bytch and she must be stopped.   Ashley Judd (who’s an awful actress but a terrific person!) is trying to stop her.  Help Ashley Judd stop Sarah Palin from murdering the wolves by clicking HERE to sign a petition.

This sounds like a nursery rhyme.

Here’s Ashley being a hater:


25 thoughts on “Ashley Judd Would Like Sarah Palin To Stop Killing Wolves

  1. Voxy

    Grrr. It’s like Palin’s very existance is to annoy and sicken us. I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo relieved that she isn’t our VP.


  2. Anners Scribonia Boombox Island

    Had Palin and Granpappy been elected I’m pretty certain there would have been a second American Revolution. That be no joke.


  3. Daners

    I woulda been on the front line for that Revolution.

    Why is she still even in the news? The election or OVAH!

    Hi Anners!!! I miss ya, too!


  4. Akeelers a.k.a.glamma_puss

    So is she signing people up to shoot at Sarah Palin from a low flying plane? Is there a quota that has to be met before an arrest warrant is issued?


  5. Janers

    I heart Ashley Judd so much! I like her movies (well the ones I’ve seen) as well. I think her acting is ok.

    Sarah Palin is a fucktard.


  6. Ari

    Sarah Palin kills wolves, Ashley Judd kills babies,
    and you feminist hypocrites a bunch of morons. You are all so jealous of Sarah Palin because she is so beautiful. You hags couldn’t get a date in a prison if you had a fistful of pardons.

    Sarah will be back, and you will be, well, you.
    So sad.


  7. I don’t think its right to be killing the wolves but I can’t understand why Ashley Judd can say it wrong to kill wolves but right to kill unborn babies.


  8. Jack Frost

    I’m a naturalist at heart and zoologist by profession. This is just another ad that adheres to emotion but empty on facts. This so called brutal aerial killing is not done out of sport, but to control the wolf population, or problem wolfs, in particular areas in Alaska. It is sanctioned by the Alaska Wildlife Fish and Game (government).


  9. Anners Scribonia

    Is that so? Okay, that provides some helpful context. Still, I’ve seen her house or office or whatever and it’s littered with the remains of all sorts of animals… that she’s killed. And maybe people are the problem in Alaska, and not the wolves…


  10. Jack Frost

    People are ALWAYS the problem. We spend more time and money trying to educate and manage the public, rather then wildlife. The unfortunate truth. Wildlife management is tricky. And whether the public likes/understands it or not, hunting is by far the most effect method of controlling wildlife over population. Problem species (danger to people, or other animals that have declining numbers) are relocated whenever possible. And if not possible, and if the offense is severe enough, they are euthanize.

    I personally am for more animals and less people, but there has to be order and management of both. And the same standard that we use to deal with wildlife overpopulation and problems cannot be applied to humans, for obvious reasons.


  11. Chris

    I am and always have been a serious animal lover but I am also a realist. When any animal gets to a point when the population is so large that the food supply for these animals isn’t there to feed them all it is the humane thing to do to kill some off. It is by far better than letting some of them starve to death or let this species keep building an even larger population and then make the animals that are lower on the food change become extinct altogether. I love to read posts from liberal puppets; it is like watching jerry Springer for the comedic value. The whole politically correct world of sissy crybabies sniveling over their hurt little feelings is almost as sad as most of our country being 100 times more knowledgeable on their favorite tv show as they are about what the barney franks of our government are doing to our country. When predatory animals population gets to a point where the land they live in cant feed them all something needs to be done. I just wish we could get that though the thick heads of humans. We need population control for humans way more than we do for wolves! Stop global warming have an abortion! Seriously though can anyone explain to me why we pay less taxes when we have kids? When a person has a child in America they double their carbon footprint, the water, the oxygen, food and all the waste that comes out of said new human has to go somewhere. The cost to society as a whole for each kid goes up yet the parents of that kid pays less in taxes! I have never understood I realize it has nothing to do with killing wolves but it just came out when I read the pro life comments here!


  12. If controlling the wolf population is such a problem, than why are they on the endangered species list?

    And I wish all these pro-lifers calling abortion “murder” would advocate condom and other birth control use instead. It would be time much better spent. News flash: you can do whatever you want with your body, but not with mine.



  13. @Jack, if my facts are correct wolf killing is sanctioned by those with political power so that hunters can artifically elevate the numbers of other animals (those the wolf eats). Then they’re “justified” in shooting them too.


  14. John

    You keep Hunting and feeding your family Sarah, like any good American hunter does. Why don’t you people ask yourself how you get that hambuger or steak you eat, it just does not appear on your plate. Someone had to kill the animal to get you your food….. As for the wolf, population control of a predatory animal has to happen, to keep people safe, livestock safe, and to keep over population from happening.


  15. ZOI

    Really old, just came across this. Most abortions are done with the “fetus” is simply a glob of cells without any nervous system (no brain, no ability to feel pain), and beyond that, it’s much more than just “TEEHEE IM GONNA GO MURDER A BABY NOW” its a difficult, serious decision that many girls have to make and live with. HOW DOES THIS RELATE? God I hate you people.


  16. ZOI

    They lived for a long time without starving to death before humans came and inhabited their land, got pissed when the wolves came onto said newly aquired land and started demanding they be reduced in numbers. I swear you should have to apply for a license to have a child. Almost every problem on this planet boils down to overpopulation.


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