Sienners’ Teethers

When Sienners did the cover of Vogue over a year ago, there was a bunch of sick and stupid drama about the quanity and quality of her equine teethers.   We’d know nothing about this shiz save for the The September Issue, a documentary about the production of Vogue’sphucking back-breaking September issue that I faithfully boycott each and every year.

Yeah, so Sienners was on the cover, but  every time a bytch smiled or opened her gob in a photo, Anal Wintourhad something nasty to say about it.   She said that Sienners was too “toothy” and that she had “too many fillings”.

Shiz was so bad that they ended up cropping Sienners’ big head onto another body… Which makes absolutely no sense, really, as this perspicacious  bytch pointed out in the comments: 

by Mallory – 02:17:14 28th Jan 2009

?? Why did her head have to be put on a different body due to fillings? You can’t even see her teeth. I don’t understand!

Some people are toothy and they ought to be able to have their day in the sun.   That is all.





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