kate bosworth 110209

I understand that Kate Bozzers and her hot Amish boyfriend, Jamers Rousseau are a big phat vanilla bore for 94% of the world.  That’s fine!   But I’ve been having a series of night terrors ever since it was reported in some GD gossip column that these two darlings had split up and that Katers was  sheet-dancing with some less pulchritudinous bloke (who shall remain nameless mostly because I forget what his name is). 

Nice to know thatI can rest easy in my bed tonight.


kate bosworth 110209


2 thoughts on “Ahoy!

  1. Hobag Janers

    YAY – there’s something cute about them. they’re a bit like the highschool couple that always talked about wanting to be together forever when everyone else was dating someone new each week. Hollywood seems a bit like highschool.


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