Enough Already


This whole entire Chris Brown and Rihanna situation is getting on my ephing nerves!   Chris Brown has some ephing issues and he needs to go to Boot Camp. 

Rihanna needs to rest up, get well, and never ever ever date a man with violent tendencies.   I mean, if your dude shows a penchant for wrath, even if it’s concerning having to wait in a long line at the grocery store, take that as a sign.

The present predicts the future. 

If your dude curses you out because you accidentally changed the channel when his sports were on, take that as a sign.

I don’t really care what or who started the GD fight (Paris Hilton? Some slag named Keisha? Lillith?) or what it was about.

You don’t hit your lover, okay?     

All I know was that the two of them were driving through Hancock Park (my favorite residential neighborhood in Los Angeles, btw), there was arguing, they pulled over, things got physical outside the car, someone called the police, someone ran,  someone  went to the emergency room, someone got booked for battery, and that Jay-Z  would love to punch Chris Brown in the head.

I really don’t need any further updates about this.



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