Hello and Goodbye

Okay, so it must be painfully obvious by now that I don’t really have any time to keep up with the blogging.   But thanks for hanging out with me the past two years or so; it’s been fun and I’ve met a few people who have changed my life for the better.

Best wishes for all, especially the hot and magically delicious slags who left comments now and then. 

The dingo sucketh perpetually,



49 thoughts on “Hello and Goodbye

  1. Poor Orlando

    Dear Anners:

    Say it isn’t so! Please don’t leave us all alone out here in the cruel world. You are the most brilliant blogger I have ever read. If you just post once a month, that would mean so much to all of us.

    But, if you cannot stay around, then it’s been a pleasure and an honor reading your messages and unbelievable ingenious writing. I’ll never forget the Dingho in her pink robe attacking Whorelando with a sword, or the Dear Whorelando letters. It just doesn’t get any better than that. If I ever meet O.B., I know I will call him Whorelando. That’s the only way I refer to him now, thanks to you.

    My life had a little more joy, a few more laughs, and a lot less stress over this whole Whorley/Dingho thing thanks to you. Life goes on, though, without Whorley and now without you.

    Take care and the best of luck to you. With talent like yours, you’ll be fine.

    Love ya! Poor Orlando


  2. jaded4good

    Hey, don’t quit altogether, just be a hobby blogger! I write entries twice a week, that isn’t very frequent either, and Wanders isn’t the blog-or-die kinda gal either, so you fit in just fine!


  3. Lurker

    Ohh noo! I’m a big-time lurker, not much time in my own life for posting, but I get so many laughs and good snark from this site – it’s a guilty pleasure. I hope it isn’t permanent, but if so, I wish you good luck and great life. If not, I’d be happy with a few random posts now and then, too.


  4. Alice

    Hey Anners,
    Thanks for cleverly and insightfully writing about a culture and society and people, who are fucked in some way or another. Thanks for writing about it honestly. It is nice and important to hear somebody write about stuff like that, but writing about it for what it is. Sometimes I feel so influenced by hollywood, dingoes, etc. and it makes me feel a little less cool every single second, especially hopeless, but what you say really puts it into perspective and makes me realise how retarded it is. By not glorifying pathetic lives you’ve probably made a lot of people realise that it shouldn’t be what they want out of life. And yeah I appreciate it.
    So yeah of course you have more important things in your life to follow through with but thanks for the blogging because it was seriously cool beans.
    Ps thanks for writing about music and shiz cause that’s actually cool


  5. Voxy

    Awww I’m sad. I am always perusing this sight. I mean who else can I talk to about my whorlando obsesion than you!?

    I guess all good things must come to an end. Thank you

    ::Tear::Great Now I am just going to have to get a psychiatrist like everybody else to rant, boring.

    Ciao! Ja Ne! Advederzein! Astalavista! Ding dong dei! (Now I am just quoting Robin Hood Men In Tights, the movie I go to when my happy place cries.)


  6. Slapparr

    anners… you are joking right????

    not put pressure on or anything, but you are the single biggest cause of laughter in dark times…. with wanda and befuddled Brunette

    …… is there somekinda rehab programme – i may need it??


  7. …I’ve met a few people who have changed my life for the better. – Clearly you’re talking about me. I mean, who else could it be? Really. Come on now.


    Good luck and much love and success to you, now and always. And should you ever be feeling a little low, just think of us and hopefully the memories will bring a smile to your face.


  8. Kellers

    Anners’ hilarious posts and this little group of slags has brought me many a laugh! As much fun as it has been, perhaps the lovely Anners’ life may be moving on to a new chapter, and we should all support her in that and give her our best wishes.

    If the blog stays or goes, I give you all a round of applause and much thanks for the fun. :)

    ..and, of course…THANK YOU ANNERS!!


  9. I hope you justtake a break and then to come back. It wouldnt be the same without you :-(

    in the meantime, good luck with everything.. lots of love from here


  10. Oh God! this can’t be truth! I read this blog diary because i need to smile at least once in the day… please!!

    I hope you can have time to post to say how are you…

    I love you anners!

    PD Cougars suck forever too :P


  11. I can’t say I didn’t see this coming, which is why I’ve been studiously avoiding coming here….

    Anners has to take care of Anners. But I suspect you’ll be here and there. Many hugs!


  12. anywho11

    Gawd, Im always late to post. I dont want you to go either. You make us laugh when the dingho pisses us off. I understand you have a life of yah own and school too, which must be hard or at least school is for me. Anyways I hope whatever you are doing now you can be happy and make people laugh like the way you make us laugh. :) I think you should make one more crack about the dingo before you go though, lol. Take care.


  13. Anners Scribonia

    Hi all,

    You’re all very sweet and you’re making me sad!

    Lurker: Hi!
    Alice: Wow, and thank you! Oh, and pretty much all of the coolmusic posts stem from Tiffers.

    I’d respond to everybody but this will get very maudlin very fast… :)

    The truth is that between work and school and so on I don’t have much time to chillax and also I just havne’t been caring about gossip-stuffs as of late.

    Maybe I’ll just take a break and come back in a few weeks.

    Lurve you guys!


  14. WHOT THE FUCK!!?1?! NOOOOOOOOOOO thisblog is sooo much fun! and i adoreeeee it and i love you all guys, you are amazing and supr cool. and NOOOOOOOO ):
    by the way i changed my blog!

    pucha anners te voy a extrañar caleta enserio ): NOOOPO NO PODI DEJAR BOTAO EL BLOG ): )’: ok this is saaad


  15. Janers

    Jano? What the hell? Why was that name there? I don’t remember writing with that name – OMG has someone else been leaving comments and pretending to be me? I do share this computer.


  16. ducati

    I came on and saw this post, I refuse to believe it is true. So I just keep checking in every week.

    Anners, good luck with everything right now.


  17. jayjay

    Thanx for the laughs. I have been reading and smiling for months…and I have learnt some new expressions..”cool beans” is my particular fave.
    Good luck


  18. isobel

    what is going to happen with our cola gorda? :(
    i had so much fun here just reading things about him and his old girlfriend ¬¬


  19. Mrs. Ali-ers Barnes

    Oh Noz! I’ll miss ya chica! I can’t really beg and plead with you to keep blogging when I’ve given it up too :(
    You’re the bestest Anners! ♥!


  20. Alice

    major fans of kateblogsworth say hello twitter.com/alicestockdale
    la verdad es que este blog es lo mejor en el mundo : )


  21. jujubee19

    It’s been fun, even tough the dingho ate my babe! (Sorry, had to say that). Hope to run into you somewhere in the blogsphere. You’re a hoot!!!


  22. Talking about cougars…

    ‘I’ve never lived with a man,’ reveals Helena Christensen

    By Daily Mail Reporter
    Last updated at 6:05 PM on 04th March 2009


    She was married to actor Norman Reedus for five years and has romanced a string of stars including Josh Hartnett, Leonardo DiCaprio and the late Michael Hutchence.

    But Helena Christensen has made the surprise revelation that she has never lived with a man.

    The supermodel has only ever shared her home with her son Mingus, nine, and admits she’d now struggle to cohabitate with anyone else.

    She told InStyle magazine: ‘I’ve never lived with anyone except my son.

    Asked directly if she had shared a home with Reedus, the father of her child whom she wed in 1993, she replied: ‘No, because my life is travel, so it just happened that way.

    ‘It’s not like I set out to live like that, but now it would be a big thing to move in with somebody.

    ‘I’m used to my own place, my own things.

    ‘But you know, if I met the right person, I’m sure I’d be like, “Move in tomorrow, put your things everywhere”. That would probably work for a while and then I’d need a bit of balance!’

    The former Miss Denmark, who has been dating Paul Banks of rock band Interpol since 2007, is more open when it comes to the prospect of having another baby.

    Asked if she’d like to have more children, she replied: ‘Oh yeah. Though it’s so amazing what I have. I look at my child and think, if me and his father could create this, what else could you create?’

    Forty and fabulous: The supermodel says she is in better shape now than she was at 25

    Helena, one of the original Nineties supermodels, rang in her 40th birthday on Christmas Day last year but says she’s in the best form of her life.

    ‘Age in itself doesn’t freak me out. I’m in better shape than I was at 25 because I’m actually doing something physical, which I never did until two years ago because I was way too lazy.

    ‘I try to go boxing twice a week and I run, but after exactly 21 minutes, I’m ready to lie down and vomit. I’m super-lucky with my metabolism.

    ‘I eat more than anyone I know, so I have to be realistic – that might not always be the situation.

    ‘That’s why I chose really intense training. It was a question of, if I want to continue eating that much, I need to balance it out.’

    The full interview appears in the April issue of InStyle. http://www.instyle.co.uk

    baby? ooo banks…


  23. Dr. Romy

    Awwww, noooo. But since I don’t find my head latel as well due to too much work, I totally understand, Anners.
    But thanks a lot for all the laughs and funny comments during the last months, well years! Keep sticking around on the internet, ok?! If you ever hook up with our lovely shared b-friend John in the future, send me pics ;-)
    Miss you already! Talk to you soon!!!!


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