The Moss Report

What's going on?

Since I last posted about Katers Moss (or actually, since Panders last posted about her) it was assumed that she was going to have herself a rexy baby with the hideous Scarf Monster.  

So not true (or something)!   Over the last few months, Kate has just quietly turned into a woman (her words, not mine) and grown herself enough chest stuff to finally tuck into a bra and enough belly stuff to constrain behind a girdle.  

She could stand to lose about 160 pounds though… if those pounds went by the name Jamie Hince

He seems control-freaky, and I don’t like that he’s inhibiting the rexy goddess from shining down on the world the way she used to.   Her transformation into “a woman” is most likely the product of his evil-doing.    He  probably drops protein and fat capsules in her wine and ciggies.    



What is that?

A little trashed Kate?


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