Whoooooorelando Bloom.    God, I miss typing that name.  

Here’s my STD-addled ex-boyfriend and his sister, Samantha, at some Art Function the other night.   I think it was called “Mythologies” and also called something else that’s not important enough to remember.    

The dingo wasn’t allowed in the building, thus there are no pictures of her mangy ass (thank God!).   I think she was tied to a bike-rack outside with all the other four-legged scoundrels.

A few words about Samantha Bloom.   I ventured over to some other blog that posted these pictures and I was sort of surprised to hear some slag-faces say things like:  “Oh, looks like Orlando got all the looks in the family.”   Please.   Samantha is cute stuffs.   Perhaps she’s not sporting the best hair-do in the history of the world, but she’s  super cute stuffs and bytches need to shut their heads up about her.

A few words to Whorelando Bloom:   I am still not really on speaking terms with you or anything, but I will say that you need to shave that dingo fur off your chin.  

Oh, and the only thing that is rescuing you from being a total TOOL in my book, is the fact that you seem like you’re a good brother to your sister, Sam.  

* Whilst I was searching for Samantha pics, I found some old ass post about “the stars and their siblings“.     Interesting stuff. 


See?   Samantha is super cute.


14 thoughts on “Meh

  1. Akeelers Spielberg

    Anners, I totally understand how you would not want to speak to him. That poorly-acted crap on the balcony with the dingho was on par with gawdawful sex. You know how it’s so bad that you can’t even speak about it, but the guy still insists on bragging and asking you how was it? Yep, this is the same thing right here.

    Whorelando, we’re trying to let you down gently, love. Just go away quietly and then we can all pretend like none of this never happened. And take your toothbrush and Snuggie with you. K? Bye!


  2. Poor Orlando

    I don’t have much to say, I just want to be the third Ben Barnes fan in a row to post here!!!

    So, dinghoes were not allowed in the building, huh? HA! I think it’s just not that time of the month when their contract calls for pap shots of him helping those in desperate need (of fame, that is).

    I truly believe that our loverboy (Whorley, just so there’s no confusion) will always be around and always be making movies. When we least expect it, he’ll be starring in some big blockbuster. Maybe it won’t be the Prince of Persia or The Red Circle or The Picture of Dorian Gray (good for Ben baby!), but Whorley will only get better with age and when he loses that extra weight (you know who I mean), he’ll be back and in a big way.

    I’ll never give up on him, same old stinky clothes and all.


  3. I like Sam Bloom. She’s an attractive girl and from reports a talented actress. Perhaps she should have thought a bit longer about that hair cut, but we’ve all had dodgy hair do’s, haven’t we?

    As for Whorelando, I’m with Poor Orlando on this one. Though I might waver in my support (occasionally), I’ll never really give up on him.

    But Whorely, if you’re reading, I can only encourage you to shower every now and again and maybe you could do a load of washing sometimes? Oh and you’d be doing a good thing to shave that bit of bum-fluff off your chin. (Good call, Anners.)


  4. Janers

    They both look very similar and different at the same time – it’s weird.

    That is one god awful haircut, but you’ve gotta admire a woman who doesn’t bother wearing makeup when her photo is gonna end up on a webpage/magazine.


  5. Co

    Welcome back Anners! I think they are both super-cute. Orlando is just alittle, alot super-cuter. I wish he’d comb is beautiful, thick curly hair back (ala Will Turner) and loose that goat-tee. Have not seen Orlando & Skanky Skankenstein together lately. Hope they break up really soon. Kate and James have reportedly broken up. What would happen if both Orlando & Kate were free? Hmmm.


  6. “I think she was tied to a bike-rack outside with all the other four-legged scoundrels.”

    See, that’s exactly the kind of banter that’s been missing from my life. Thank you for the laugh Annerz.

    I too will always heart Whorely, though he may do a Mexican hat dance on my heart from time to time.


  7. SadieJo

    I like Sam Bloom, she smiles like she means it. It’s hard to pick on the Whorely when his sister is standing there looking so happy, so I’m giving him a pass this time.


  8. Callie

    Squeeee!!!! So glad you’re back!

    Samantha is fabulous! Just look at how adorable she is! Her brother is another story, but don’t all families have those embarrassing problem children?


  9. Slapparr

    I like Sam too – she seems down to earth, and she is a Leo -so automatically has my support (Orlando is capricorn, like my sister – and i’ve not found that to be a good thing…. but i digress……)

    Unfortunately / luckily for Sam (delete as appropriate), she isn’t and man and therefore I don’t fancy her ass off, unlike Orlando – sadly despite his STD’d Ass being regularly dingoed, I’ll still do him…..

    wow, Hello midlife crisis!!


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