A Dispatch From The Dingo Crew


Rather than approve the following comment that was chillaxing in the moderationn file this afternoon and giving the dingo whoever wrote it free reign to post their inanity all over my blog, I thought I’d reprint it here verbatim.   Everyone deseves to be heard.

Here’s the comment.  [My responses are in brackets.]

The Dingo Went Shopping Yesterday?  [Yeah, at the time I wrote this, she did!] Who wastes their time bashing someone they hate and especially about them shopping?  [As opposed to bashing someone they ‘love’?  Fail.  Who’s bashing her for shopping, though?  Why would I bash her dingo brains for shopping when there are so many other important things to bash her for?]

This site is beyond pathetic and idiotic [Cool; so is Miranda Kerr].  I hope Miranda Kerr finds this website and sues your a***s  [ she has found this website.  And so has her silly mother and her silly brother who looks like Nero (only worse)] but shes a better person [hahahahaha!]  than a bunch of jealous tweens [Oh God.  I’m in phucking Grad School, and sooo not a ‘tween.  I am pretty immature, though  :)]  who hate on people they don’t know [what the phuck are you doing by posting this comment, btw?  Oh, and for the record, I don’t hate Miranda!  I just want her to stop lacerating my boyfriend’s oui oui with her teefs and I want her to quietly return to her cubicle at the zoo].

Maybe one day you people can grow up, Highly doubt it.  [Perhaps… ]

Here’s Miranda, on the night of her nasty dance in Whorelando’s lap at Teddy’s many moons ago.  She was certainly dressed for it.


 ^ These boots were made for lap dancing and that’s just what they’ll do…”


14 thoughts on “A Dispatch From The Dingo Crew

  1. They hope Miranda finds this blog?


    Hey Dingo Crew, why don’t you ever leave me any funny comments on my blog? Hmm? Don’t you like me? I wanna laugh too you know.

    And seriously, “hate on people they don’t know?” You guys have used that one a million times already, it’s right up there with “she’s a stunning supermodel who commands millions.” You need some new material.

    Well, when Miranda does *chortle* find this blog maybe she should stop and think that being famous isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. If she wants the money, fame, and our boyfriend she’s going to have to put up with a few hecklers along the way. She needs a thicker skin, don’t you think?

    (BTW, when you start throwing insults at me “jealous tween” isn’t going to fly. You might want to try something along the lines of “practically middle-aged slag.”)


  2. Anners Scribonia

    It’s okay, Wanda. The part about the dingo “finding out about this blog” killed me too. Jaja.

    Is Mr. Rizzuto wearing clothes in your avie?


  3. SadieJo

    Can’t blame a slag for looking out for the safety and welfare of her boyfriend’s love tool. Commendable, really.


    2 posts in one day – I guess I’m back – hi ya!


  4. Yes, I think he’s wearing a bathing suit. But that was when he was a youngun before I knew him. The funny thing is that back in those days I wouldn’t have given him a second glance, on account of he was just a teenybopper and I was a mature twentysomething. Ha!


  5. Akeelers Spielberg

    Who says you have to know someone to recognize that they are an idiot!

    This is even funnier than the tards who pinged the meaning of Mirandingo’s name from a babyname website. Now I mad that I deleted.


  6. IcarusMalfoy

    Aw, its cute that the little shippers think they’re lectures are going to bother anyone. Poor things. If only their idol wasn’t a moron, then maybe they’d be a little smarter too.


  7. Slapparr

    pure class – you made me LOL!! ahhhhhh it seems the only person that seems to be tweens in relation to Orlando is those chicks he hopped into a car with the night before last (sorry ladies if you are reading this, its really a compliment…)


  8. Janers

    Why can’t people get a sense of humour already. I’d totes understand if it was a friend of Miranda’s or something but why get your panties in a bunch over some comments made in jest over a celeb?

    You might not know Miranda but you know her public persona/image – and that’s what you’re making fun of. If this person is so against bashing people he/she doesn’t know then why do it to you?


  9. ah, nothing better than the comments of people who actually think they are better than the rest of the world and still keep reading the blogs of the rest of the world… funny people, funny people! :-P


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