Rupert Friend Is A Strong Bloke

A few weeks ago, Rupert Friend actually said something and I had the misfortune to miss it.   In case you don’t know who Rupert Friend is, he is Keirers Knightley’s worse half and he knows it! 

Sayeth Rupert:   “I think it takes a strong man to say, ‘My woman will always achieve more than I ever will, she will always have more power than I’ll ever have and she will probably be more popular than I’ll ever be and I don’t care.’  That, to me, is about as close to the definition of a man as I’ve ever gotten.”

I think Rupert should start writing entries for his very own special dictionary because it’s about time for new definitions of standard things and so on.  

It’s sort of cool how Rup goes on and on about playing second fiddle to Keirers but prefaces it all by saying that she basically belongs to him.  She can surpass him in tangible things, but she has to ask him if it’s okay to eat an egg for breakfast.   I’m taking this too far; I’ll stop. 

Here’s some weird-ass pictures of Rupert swinging on a gate circa 2006.




4 thoughts on “Rupert Friend Is A Strong Bloke

  1. Anonymous Coward

    He made those comments when talking about playing Prince Albert (to Emily Blunt’s Vicoria). But then the usual array of gossip sites picked them out of that context and pretended he was speaking about himself.

    I would like to see his dictionary, though. It sounds like an odd one.


  2. Janers

    Well it’s definitely a step up from that douchbag that dumped her and basically told the press he didn’t think it was right in a relationship when the woman had all the money and power.


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