The Dingo Is Starving

"It's cool how you don't care that I sleep with other womyn and stuff, Randa."

… and not just for attention this time.   Less of her to hate, I guess.   Okay, so the love train aka The Very Highly Anticipated Staged Pap Shots rolled in like clock work.   I did that last post just to hurry it along. 

Orly and the Dingo do not disappoint in this regard.  

If you look carefully, the dingo is wearing the same shirt it lap-danced in a few months ago.   Maybe the fugly shirt  brings the dingo luck.  

Also, if you look carefully and see the hot red blood on the dingo’s fingertips, you’ll notice that the dingo has not ceased its senseless  butchering of small animals;  it’s only ceased devouring them (hence the brittle and haggard appearance).   Isn’t there always a problem when an animal refuses food? Perhaps the dingo is depressed?   Is there a push-up bra for the soul?   Maybe Victwhoreia’s Secret can start manufacturing some of those?

Back to Whorelando.   Wait a minute; no.   I’m not going back to Whorelando.   

Here’s some more very ugly pictures of the world’s most romantic couple.




18 thoughts on “The Dingo Is Starving

  1. Voxy

    If Orlando is going to wear a scarf can he choose a less douchey looking one? I mean that thing is so short it barely stays on his neck. Ug.

    Oddly enough, Orlando doesn’t look like he wants to blow his brians out…….. I think he’s on sedatives, or high, or drunk… Or under the dingho’s spell. Take your pick pick your choose they all could work.

    Orlando is obviously seering the overly skinny dingo away from grates and vents to make sure she doesn’t fall through them.


  2. Janers

    What is it with the women whorlando ‘dates’? Is he too cheap to take them out to a meal once in a while?

    That moustache makes him look like a pervert.


  3. ducati

    After this is all over, I do not think anyone is going back to whoelando. The dingo may as well keep him, the boy is tainted and who wants that.


  4. Vy

    I agree with Ducati as well.

    And Wanda, I thought the same thing looking at that photo. He’s actually looked like a gay French waiter in the past as well. What is going on?


  5. Josh, will you whisk her off her feet and take her away forever? I’m sure all the girls here would chip in a couple of bucks each to pay you for your efforts.


  6. It looks like he’s cut the arms off a long sleeved t-shirt to make that damn scarf. It looks ridiculous. But the scarf is not even half as ridiculous as his other accessory.

    Didn’t Bozzers get all scary skinny around the time her love affair with the Gay French Waiter ended?

    When your knees are the same size as your thighs, you know you’ve got a problem. And please, don’t anybody bother to give me that BS about how she’s a model and she’s always skinny.


  7. Anners Scribonia


    I agree with Joders. Sweep the dingo off her feet and take her far, far, away.

    We’ll deal with Orlando.


  8. vy – i love the gay french waiter comment. that pic is awesome!

    anners – are the scarf monster and him acquainted? is that what he’s trying to emulate? wait, no, his pants aren’t tight enough. never mind! ;) fyi – i get to see the scarf monster tonight! i’ll be sure to look for mossers preggers arse in the crowd :)


  9. Tabbie1977

    Cpk definetly looks like she hasn’t seen a decent meal in a while. She is way too thin. It doesn’t help that her legs look like freak’n twigs.

    That gay French waiter comment was pretty funny. He does not look that good in those pics.

    Just to let you all know there has been a sighting of Orlando in Nyc again. No mention of Miranda. I have a weird feeling we will be getting some pics soon.


  10. sophie

    she looks like shes going to snap…. she pretends to be all caring for people writing that retarded book but shes just part of the problem of girls thinking they have to look like a stick insect like her… anyway she looks ano thats all i had to say really


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