And I Thought I Was A Jerk


Lou Lemenick is a very mean person.   We all knew that Sienners’ new movie would be quite awful, but Lou had to get all personal about it.   This Lemenick bytch is a film critic for The New York Post and in his (or her) piece about her wretched film The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, he wrote:  “You know a movie’s got a problem when the most memorable thing about it is Sienna Miller’s moustache. ‘That growth above her lip is clearly visible in two scenes, once in profile.'” 

That is way uncalled-for and it was meant to embarrass Seniorita Hobby Horse something fierce.   Maybe Lou and Rosetta Getty are hot friends or something?   If that’s the case, Lou is still way off base.   Sometimes you gotta just let things go.






4 thoughts on “And I Thought I Was A Jerk

  1. Ohhhh, come on Lou! Get real. You’re a movie critic, not an editor for a beauty column. If I get out a magnifying glass and concentrate really hard I can see a few teensy tiny blonde hairs. So freakin’ what? There’s plenty of things to pick on Sienners about and some fluffy blonde hair isn’t top of the list.

    I want to read your critique of the movie and the talents (or lack there of) of the stars, not how hairy you think they are.

    You know a movie critic has a problem when the most memorable thing about him is his microscopic dick, oops, sorry, I meant brain.


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