Scary Cop Alert!

Whorelando Bloom made his first appearance in uniform on the set of his new flick, Main Street.  Yes, he’s a cop.   A special cop.  The scariest cop ever.   If a gang banger or a footpad sees him coming I’m sure they’ll run for their miserable lives with their arms flailing wildly about because he looks that terrifying.

Internal Affairs this is not.   Whorely looks like the kind of cop that would pull you over to remind you to drive slower, and then apologize for inconveniencing you.

He should read Mirandingo Kerr her Miranda Rights.   He should tell her that anything she says can and will be used against her on certain blogs.  And he should arrest her for her various crimes against humanity (after he punches her a few times in the gut, of course).

Was that mean?   I meant for joke. 

Orlando,  I thought maybe you’d look all secksy again in a cop uniform.   I was WRONG.

^ Not even a cute cop butt.   :(


24 thoughts on “Scary Cop Alert!

  1. I was kinda hoping that he’d punch her in the head, rather than the guts, but I guess without any body fat he might get lucky and land a few to her kidneys.

    And I was kinda thinking that this is the shapliest I’ve seen his bum look for ages.


  2. Poor Orlando

    I can’t imagine why he got cast in this role, it makes no sense. Oh well, notice how happy he looks it’s kind of cute. Haven’t seen him this relaxed since he met the dingho. If anything I am happy he’s getting work.


  3. SadieJo

    Yep, I’m with Wanda. This is so much better than the rockin’ hobbit.

    Those clunky black shoes are totally doing it for some reason.


  4. jaded4good

    ROFL, you just _know_ that somewhere on the globe there is someone writing a Bloom fanfic using these words…


  5. jaded4good

    Anners, I think he looks cute in comparison to what we had to suffer seeing last year. He is wearing clothes that actually fit him, looks clean, relaxed and de-hoed. What more is there to wish for?


  6. jaded4good

    Maybe secretly he’s a Fremen and he’s practicing spannungsbogen. Or making us practice. Pick one.

    Those who have no idea what I’m talking about, google is your friend, I’m effing lazy to explain.


  7. Slapparr

    LMAO Gay french waiter – it made me laugh to hear him say he wasn’t sure about the tache…. neither are whorly,neither are we…


  8. Slapparr

    it is better than a Hobbit look – i would of thought he’d know better than that, having seen what HObbits look like on screen…..


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