Bozzers Fed Her Face At Coachella!



It is hardly to be believed, but really, she ate a big old slice of pizza.   Bytch.   Ha.  Just kidding.   Here’s some pap shots of Bozzers at Coachella this past weekend, with Jamers.  

You know you care.








12 thoughts on “Bozzers Fed Her Face At Coachella!

  1. Bozzers: Have you seen some of the setups Whorelando and the dingo have staged lately? They’re nothing but amateurs. I mean, at least it looked like Whorely and I actually liked each other when we were together.

    Jamers: I know! Hahaha! It’s the funniest shit I’ve ever seen! Hahaha! And she says she wants to try acting. But only if it’s NOT one of those cliched roles! Hahahaha!

    Bozzers: What? Cliched like playing an anorexic, bobble headed, skanky, brainless, panty model? She can’t even get that right in real life! Hahahaha!

    I’m not really feeling Jamers’ hair. And I think Bozzers could do to pull her skirt(??) down from under her armpits. At least she’s eating, though. And she really does look good without makeup.


  2. stella

    you will be happy to know that homegirl was waiting for my stall in the urinal trailers. she looked cute and had on a really cute lipstick colour on.

    i also hung out with tiffers during yeah yeah yeahs!!
    we had a blast!! (and talked lots of shit about you.. hahaha jk)


  3. Anners Scribonia

    Joders: Haaa.

    Stella: Hiiiii! That is cool, cool beans @ Bozzers. I miss all the fun! Also, Morrissey cancelled on us on Saturday night and I was okay with it thn, but now I’m really upset with the man.

    And I’ve yet to hang out with Tiffers! We’re supposed to meet up May or June-ish in L.A.and you should totes join us.

    Oh, and sorry all your commies got embrangled in the moderation file.

    Hi Voxy! Hi everybody. :)


  4. Slapparr

    she looks a lot healthier and yes, that is what a real couple looks like….. come on orlando – work out the difference LOL


  5. ducati

    Yes, I will be the third person to say: take note Orlando,this is what a real couple looks like.
    That pizza is massive, she probably paid $10 for it.


  6. Overworked hobag

    stellars! No! don’t tell us celebs use dirty public toilet stalls as well as eat cheap greasy pizza. It’s too much for me to comprehend.


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