Skank Dress


Posts like this happen when you have a twenty-page historiography paper to write that you haven’t even started even though it’s due in about eight days.

We all know the story, right?   Miranda (I’ll never break the American Market) Kerr pretended to be invited to Vogue’s annual A-list shinding shiz.   She so was not invited.   She paid good dingo money to be there, though. 









32 thoughts on “Skank Dress

  1. bruna


    Biatch, can you please just try to be as real or honest as possible when you’re having low IQ interviews or pap set ups. Gee, you’re definitely the least ariculate VS angel out there. It’s a shame that those non English speaking models have a lot more sense when they talk than you do.


  2. argghhhh i’m in pain from laughing – congrats.. thats the funniest thing i’ve seen in relation to MK’s dress yet – what the fug does she think she looks like….. the other one looks rat arsed (i imagine thats why shes willing to pose LOL)

    poor Jil Sander….. that dress probably would work on a curvy hooker… maybe THATS what orlando was checking out in that strip club in Durham :D


  3. That is an ugly dress. It makes CPK look even more like a whore than usual. Wouldn’t it have been a little more appropriate to wear a dress that you can wear some undies with? Cabbytch is looking scary skinny.

    The other woman is Natalia Vodianova. She’s a model, she’s got 3 kiddies and the designers love her. Bet she didn’t have to pay her way in. Bet the designers were falling over themselves to INVITE her.

    She needs to be careful she doesn’t cut herself on the dingHo’s pointy hips, pointy elbows and pointy shoulder blades.


  4. Poor Orlando

    Oh, Joders, you had to point out that the dingho was naked under that dress, didn’t you? Canary Islands flashback – yuk! That dress just screams, “I’m a whore and I want you to rip this dress right off of me, see I’ve even started it going for you.”

    And, it’s not flattering at all. How can a so-called supermodel be so effing stoooooopid when it comes to fashion? Open up a magazine and get some tips, MK, I’m begging you. I can’t take much more.

    The one bright star in this whole debacle… no Whorelando Bloom there holding her hand and glaring at the backside of her dress, imagining how fast he’s going to tear that little black nothing to shreds back in her apartment (with her mother watching). Oh, I just made myself throw up a little in my mouth.

    Don’t go away mad, Mirandho, just go away.


  5. Anners Scribonia

    @ Konst: haha! and HI!

    Hi SadieJo, Hi Slapparr! :)

    “The one bright star in this whole debacle… no Whorelando Bloom there holding her hand and glaring at the backside of her dress, imagining how fast he’s going to tear that little black nothing to shreds back in her apartment (with her mother watching).”

    ^ hahhahahaa. Poor Orlando that made me laugh for days.

    @ Joders: I screwed up the captions. I know it’s Natalia. She’s the one asking who the dingo is.


  6. Anners Scribonia

    * Hi Bruna.

    * AC? As in Anonymous Coward? :) Natalia looks violated.

    Joders: No seriously, I’m sure it was my fault.


  7. idontlikedingos

    You know the dumb bitch thought this was going to be her Jennifer Lopez or Elizabeth Hurley moment.
    Jennifer at the grammy’s with Diddy and Elizabethe at the oscars with Hugh.
    They both got front page news and were talked about for weeks because of what they wore. Bahahaha. Once again EPIC FAIL for the for CPKid.
    She can go naked and no one would care.
    She didn’t make People Magazine, Vogue highlights of the event or even the Daily Telegraph in Sydney!

    Take that as a hint KerrazyB. NO ONE CARES.


  8. AC

    Actually “AC” stands for something totally different. I guess I just chose a poor set of initials ;)


  9. bruna

    Fameho biatch thought she would be the center of attention by wearing this cheap slutty looking dress (biatch only showed the world how low grade of a model she is) but hey, didn’t she know that she’s actually uninvited that whatever kind of famewhoring she did or still does will not change the fact that she’s still a cheap catalog model. That’s what you call a supadupahmodel of the universe.

    p.s. her effing voice is like a child’s shriek, so deafening!


  10. SadieJo

    Well, not for the lack of trying. The dingho’s dirty dance at the pre-Met party was meant as a ritual marking of the territory.

    It would have been far more impressive if Bozzie hadn’t doubled over with hysterical laughter while pointing at the ridiculous pair. Although all eyes were on them, even Jared couldn’t bring himself to snap a picture of the unfortunate pair of poseurs. Whorelando covered his face with his scarf. hitched up his suspenders and slunked back to North Carolina in shame.

    So, Wanda, no smackdown, no photo evidence although James is still snickering and shaking his head wondering what his beloved ever saw in that hot mess known affectionately by all of us as Whorelando.


  11. i heard the dingho couldn’t understand what Bozzers was saying (Bozzers can’t speak Dingoese) so the dingho thought that kate was telling her how jellus she was because it had Whorelando and in fact Kate (in between hysterical laughter) was telling the dingho how Whorleando Used to look as hot as james when she was going out with him….. she didn’t need to add any more, the before and after case is blindingly obvious to anyone with a pulse….


  12. Overworked hobag

    I am so loving the Dingo for turning up to a chanel event looking like a 2 dollar hooker. I hate Chanel and if someone wants to cheapen and skankify their events then they get my support.


  13. bruna

    Hun, even Vogue didn’t invite her. Haven’t you read about the buying of seats for this year’s MET cause a lot of designers didn’t buy tables or sponsor/dress models cause of the economy? Look at CPK’s pictures at Vogue website, are there any pictures or mentions about her? NONE. Actually, CPK is the only VS angel on that event who wasn’t invited or sponsored by a designer. Heidi, Doutzen, and Karolina were all invited and sponsored by designers and made the list of Vogue’s best dressed of the night.


  14. Overworked hobag

    I’ve missed you so much too Anners. Work is so re-re. I’m not paid enough.

    Ur Avie is so cute! I remember seeing that in a magazine yonks ago (I was at my old work – I had free time then) and being really surprised that they ventured out near Cartzo’s hometown (and made it back unscathed)


  15. Co

    Miranda Curr is such a super-skank. She got that thing she’s wearing from SKANKS R US. Kate Bosworth looked beautiful and elegant. Skanky Skankenstein can’t even pronounce those words. Poor Orlando.


  16. Anners Scribonia

    Thanks Janers! Although your comment about my avie prob souds weird because the old Kate Moss one keeps oming back… it’s haunting me. Hope work goes better! Luv ya!

    * Dingwhore and Bozzers are like Night and Day. Good and Evil.


  17. Overworked Hobag

    I don’t give a toss if they invited her or not. She’s turned up and cheapened their event.

    I haven’t read about people buying seats at the MET thingy coz I’m at work all the TIME!


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