Quo Vadis, Jamers?


The Scarf Monster (aka Jamie Hince aka Kate Moss’ soon-to-be ex-boyfriend) went missing for a day or two this past week.   Actually, the way I first read this story was that Jamers had gone missing after some dang concert with his band The Kills and was still out there somewhere wandering like a sad spirit.

A panic gripped me when I heard this news.  What if he had met with foul play?  I would have felt so awful for making fun of his scarf habit and his cramped oui oui station. 

I think he’s since been found.  

I also think that I care about this more than Kate Moss does.  She’s been avoiding his ass for days and she probably didn’t even know he was missing.  I think they’re on the verge of a break-up because that’s what I’ve been told by tons of  totally reliable gossip sites.   



4 thoughts on “Quo Vadis, Jamers?

  1. his cramped oui oui station


    yeh ok. but i think kate wants to break up with him. SHE MUST GO BACK TO PETE DOHERTY FOR PHUCK SAKE!


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