Kate Moss Is Planning To Write A Novel


So are five millon other sad and desperate souls in the world, though, so why is this NEWS?   I love Kate Moss and her rexy bones with all my heart, but if she makes good on her threat to write not only a novel, but also “the world’s first cookbook from a supermodel!,” I’m going to have to break her teethers with an ink cartridge.

Someone told  The Sun  (A trashy newspaper, not the actual ‘sun’) that,  “Kate has been considering how she will occupy her time when the modelling work dries up.  Writing a novel is something she has considered before. With the help of a ghost writer. . . she is convinced she could come up with a commercially successful product that could be a great money-spinner.”

Real writers bleed through their brains and their fingers and they don’t pal around with ghosts.  They also don’t write expecting to come out of the experience with a brand new nest egg  for future crack-purchasing.



One thought on “Kate Moss Is Planning To Write A Novel

  1. OMG! Kate Moss can write? With an actual biro??

    With the help of a ghost writer – Oh, so it’s gonna be just like Naomi Campbell’s book then? What are you going to call yours? How about Goose or Sparrow or Thrush or something?


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