Shock! Shock! Horror! Horror!


Does anyone know what the hell happened to the photo galleries at    I tried to get up in there to get better pictures and that mother-epher was gone.  NO!   Dear God, no!   Bring it back, lovely woman who runs the bozzers site!    Going there and getting a “File Not Found” message was a most unwelcome shock.

By the way, while the dingo was in Australia shoving her stinky and bloody paws in clearance bins, Kate Bozzers was being wined and dined by fancy bytch-faces in London.   Looking  STUNNING, by the way.  

UPDATE:  OOOPS.   I freaked-ed out over nothings.   The gallery is back up, whorebabies.    :)





16 thoughts on “Shock! Shock! Horror! Horror!

  1. Watch and learn dingHo, this is how you do “stunning”.

    Maybe Whorely shoulda put a ring on it when he had the chance.

    Sorry I can’t help with the mystery of the photo galleries. I broke my PC at work today and had to get a help desk dude to fix it for me, so I’m not really the right person to be giving technical advice :D


  2. PoorOrlando

    Wow! She does look beautiful and that dress is a knockout and those matching shoes…. yummy. Now there’s a fashionista!

    If only the dingho wouldn’t dress so hideously, my eyes wouldn’t bleed everytime I look at her. Her shoes are always the worst.

    Never mind, she would need one of those face transplants, too.


  3. ducati

    kate hanging out at Harvey Nicholas VS. Miranda hanging out at David Jones clearence sale. Oh! Orlando, you give new meaning to the words down grade.


  4. LOL ducati, right on the money :)

    she actually looks fabulous in these, particularly the one with two other ladies – and healthier too if i’m not mistaken….


  5. L

    Kate was actually the co-host of the dinner. She looked so classy.
    Its actually kinda funny how similar yet different the two events Kate and Miranda did are. Miranda hosts the clearance sale at a department store, and Kate hosts a dinner with two of the season’s biggest designers at a classier department store! lol hilarious! Kate = high class, Miranda = low end.


  6. Anners Scribonia

    Joders, seriously.

    Thanks, Neely. Oh yes, Emily. That’s her name. And maybe it was just maintenance because the gallery is back up.

    Hi, L. Thanks for the info. Mirandingo is a low rent bastard.


  7. Mystic

    Was never a fan of Kate but I would rather deal with her than Dingho.

    I like the dress she is wearing though.


  8. teehee

    Miranda will always be a tart. she will never be considered anything more than that. Thank goodness her time is almost up.


  9. Overworked hobag

    She looks stunning as usual.

    Can we leave David Jones out of it? They’re still our most upmarket department store and while they may have disgraced themselves by hiring a dingo it’s still an awesome place to shop (even if the sale did suck a bit).


  10. Akeelers Spielberg

    Damn! I’m always late to the party!

    You might be the only person chasing Miranda Kerr down the street.

    Hey Anners, is your “MK” visitor have an IP address from Mississippi? I keep getting all kinds of weird spam from that IP?


  11. My god it’s been nearly two years and you people still can’t get a life it’s pathetic .
    Even more pathetic is that you pretend to be fans of this never been skinny z-list I have to laugh because we all know what would you have to say about her if she was still with Orlando .
    She would heve been bashed to no end don’t deny it


  12. Ki-Ki

    Overworked Hobag: Sorry. Do you still own stock in DJ? And how’s work? :)

    No, not Mississippi, Akeelers.

    Eri: Have a life. Not pretending. Your thesis is boring. Get phucked.


  13. jaded4good

    Hi eri! Wow, you finally figured out how to use the Shift key for capital letters! Soon you shall learn the magic that is punctuation.


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