Shag or Gag?!


Whorelando Bloom is looking better.    Shag it or gag it?!   I’m going to have to decline, though.  Just because.





33 thoughts on “Shag or Gag?!

  1. PoorOrlando

    I’m going to have to “gag” on this one, this time. Pec and bicep implants just don’t do it for me. 100 situps and pushups a day – priceless.

    And, why doesn’t he just buy a pair of short swimming trunks? Don’t they make them anymore? Speedos, Whorelando, speedos.


  2. It’s still a shag for me. After he’s been de-dingHofied. However, I suspect I won’t be doing much but laying back and thinking of England. And afterwards I’ll need to have a bleach bath, just incase the de-dingHofication process didn’t work.

    Speedos, Whorelando, speedos. – OMG! Budgie Smugglers?? Noooooooo!!


  3. slapparr

    Yep, I’m a gag too – i’ve seen him with one leg rolled up and a silly hat on – plus i don’t like his figure much at the moment and then there is the whole implant thing….

    tee hee hee Speeedos! – leopard print speedos………


  4. jaded4good

    Gag. Eww at the thought of the other option. While he may be hot on the surface, there is an aura of douchebaggery around him. No chance. After a few years of therapy maybe. For him, of course.


  5. neely o'hara

    Gag. Def! He reeks of sleaze. I’d pay to see someone shoot that damn silly cowboy hat off his head, tho. What’s up w/his pants? He’s really clueless, isn’t he? He will never get it right. Wonder what I ever saw in him.


  6. I can’t chat now slags, I have to find my Haven DVD and a pack of AAA batteries. Ah, the good old days….

    He looks like he’s thinking about Viggo in that first pic.


  7. SadieJo

    The actor Orlando Bloom – totally shagable, baby. Whorely, the real guy hiding behind his celebrity – totally gagable, sadly.


  8. zuluzulu5

    By the way, his breastesses are bigger than the dingo’s. Maybe Victoria’s Secret should’ve hired him instead?

    Why not, DJ’s already has anyways……. And I’m gonna say GAG. I dont want Dingo left overs.


  9. Overworked hobag

    I am salivating at the sight of a hot sunny beach – Sydney is so GD cold. I swear I am going to get frostbite and have my ears and nose drop off.


  10. Anners Scribonia

    I saw Heavy Metal Wanda the other day! Now it’s back to Mr. Rizzuto with a watermelon or something. Hee.


  11. Ali-ers Hotshizski

    wanda is that you in your avatar pic? hotness!!!

    oh, and Oral B does look bettah here. Why is his pant leg rolled up like that? is it a g-thang?


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