It’s Daners’ Birthday!!


Everybody wish the beautiful Daners aka ‘Me’ a Happy Birthday!     

(In case she can actually get to a computer today, I did her up a birthday post…)


First, it’s Raoul Bova.  Did I spell his name right?   He wanted to be there to take his clothes off for you in person.   Something came up, though.  :( 


^ Pretty Eyes.

raoul bova

^ Ja!


I think he needs help getting out of them pants. Your help.

It’s Mofo!   That is, Michael Fassbender aka Mothaphucka.  What happened with him?  We used to do violent battles over Mofo!  


michael fassbender 2

michael fassbender

Onto the gorgeously crocked Eva Green… she’s good peoples. 

Eva Green Garrel






Bruce Campbell.  Because you like, love him, right?   Or something?!  :)



Last but not least:   Daniel Craig.  This is the best nekkid Danny pic I could find.  I know he’s being tortured and all, but I figured it was a good parallel to the mental torture he goes through each and every day because he doesn’t have you in his life.


Hope  you have the greatest birthday on the history of this diseased planet, my dear!   I’d bake you a cake and drown you in alcohol if I could.   But since I can’t do that,  please take this humble offering of your favored menpholk, instead.     Lovers ya!


12 thoughts on “It’s Daners’ Birthday!!

  1. It’s Rrrrrraoul!!!

    I love the aweseomness that is Eva Green. I totally have some new avies!! Ooo, I and I just watched Casino Royale yesterday!! Oooo that poor torture scene. I really do giggle every time it happens. Is that wrong?

    Dude, we totally did use to throw the gauntlet over Mofo. He just sorta disappeared, yo! He’s still hotness, though.

    I totally have a soft spot for Bruce Campbell. He’s so quirky. And he’s from my neck of the woods.

    Thank you, Anners!! You are the awesomeness. And you rock :)


  2. Anners Scribonia

    I miss the mofo fights! I think bicycle chains and tire irons were involved, but I could be wrong.

    Have a glorious day, yo! :)


  3. Overworked hobag

    Happy birthday Daners!- hope u have a good one.

    Sorry i haven’t been around lately to catch up with u guys – MiSS U


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