Trezzuh Yurselph

EXCLUSIVE: Miranda Kerr Reading Tabloid While Getting Nails Done

Mirandingo Kerr treasured herself by getting her dingo paws cleaned, trimmed, and painted  in Hollywood the other day and here are the pictures to prove it.    Hollywood is a strange place, as there are myriad stores that cater to canines!   The dingo is in town to arrange pap shots for itselph and its master, Whorelando Bloom, or something to that effect.   They went to Malibu and reportedly looked at a house worth 13 million dollars.   They are looking for an estate with a large plot so that she will be able to run free over vast acres of land and kill field mice and other fauna at her leisure.

She really could have wiped the blood off her fug face before she went into this fine establishment.


EXCLUSIVE: Miranda Kerr Reading Tabloid While Getting Nails Done
Have u herd of mi boyfrind? He'z Orrlandow Blume.... Yoo havint? He yoosed to dayte Kaight Bozwurth... Yes she was in Bloo Krush... and Sooperman Ruturns... and yes... she'z weigh prettier than eye am. And yur a bytch, lady, fur asking.
EXCLUSIVE: Miranda Kerr Reading Tabloid While Getting Nails Done
O! Mi badd! I dribbuld bludd all ovah yur wite shurt.
EXCLUSIVE: Miranda Kerr Reading Tabloid While Getting Nails Done
I think she smells her career... and Whorelando's.
EXCLUSIVE: Miranda Kerr Reading Tabloid While Getting Nails Done
I am so gawjuss.
A dingo running in the wild



45 thoughts on “Trezzuh Yurselph

  1. Jaded

    Ugh, just what I needed, the sight of a yesterday-shaved dingo armpit and weird, protruding shoulder bones and elbows. NOT!


  2. ickypoo

    Damn, she is U.G.L.Y
    Dirty and nasty looking. Ew
    This won’t help your “they’re just jealous of my stunningness” line dingyho.

    So how you liking the porn industry dingo?


  3. PoorOrlando

    Eeeeeewwwwwww!!! My only consolation is that her career will be over soon. There’s only so much makeup and picture touch-ups can hide for so long.

    (I think she peed out there in the outback and was running away from a rattler who didn’t take kindly to her.)


  4. Joders

    Haha, ickypoo, Proactive has standards you know. Not very high standards, (Jessica Simpson) but standards nonetheless.

    I think the dingHo’s future with regards to her career has PORN written all over it. Couldn’t happen to a nicer canine, whoops, I mean girl.

    She should give Ron Jeremy a call. Now there’s a Hollywood pairing if ever I saw one :D (And a step up from Whorely in the fame stakes too.)


  5. ducati

    So, dingo escaped from the wild and the first thing she does is get her paws cleaned. I hope she took a flea bath to.


  6. ducati

    @eri and MK

    If you are going to post here at least say something funny…….or at least the truth, it will set you free.


  7. Akeelers Spielberg

    It looks like someone wrote instructions on her water bottle reminding her to breathe.


    How about following your own advice. The dingho will never be your friend. No use in coming here to get your ass chewed for her sake.


  8. So you think you are funny behaving like 12 years old on the internet about a girl that you don’t even know and has done nothing to you ?
    You are not funny you are kinda sad and pathetic being this obsessed with Miranda Kerr .


  9. Anners Scribonia

    @ janers: Hee! But I saw this thing on Tv where some guy had a dingo as a pet. Seriously! :)

    @ Eri: Likewise…


  10. Janers

    You can keep them as pets (in some states at least) but they don’t act like domestic dogs really. We have bred domestic dogs to be emotionally stunted so they are always like puppies (which is why they’re so eager to please and always want love/attention) – dingos are much more aloof once they grow up. You can keep them as pets if you know what you’re doing, but they won’t be so attentive (a bit like a cat I guess).


  11. Janers

    Since when does your opinion = fact. She is ephing funny and has the following of loyal readers to prove it. She’s been making me laugh out loud like a mad woman for 2 years now.

    Honey plz lighten up, get the joke & move on. There are more important things to get worked up over than a celeb blog.


  12. Word up Janers. Eri just because you’re too stupid to get Anners’ sense of humor doesn’t mean she isn’t funny. This isn’t JJ, we’re here to laugh at MK’s expense. If you don’t like it get lost, it’s exactly that simple.


  13. Alex

    So, you do realize how easily you could be sued for defamation and slander, right? I’m by no means a Miranda Kerr fan but I am about to complete a law degree and the stuff you’ve written about her and Australians under the guise “Kate Blogsworth” will get you into very hot water from all ends of the spectrum (Do you think Kate Bosworth want to be associated with your little hate site here? You don’t think it might taint her image and her career?) and end up costing you a hell of a lot money if you don’t smarten up. You might think she’s a dirty whore and whatnot but she earns millions. So you should either quit while you’re ahead or try and make your blog a little less visible from search engines.

    Ps Don’t you have anything better to do with your time? Go project hate where hate is deserved.


  14. Anners Hussein Scribonia Caesar

    Alex, thank you for the concern. However, I have friends who have completed law degrees so if push comes to shove, I’ll turn to their advice and not yours.

    I’m surprised you’re not a better reader considering that you’re almost finished with your degree in law as I have in no way insulted Australians (btw, some of my best friends are Australian!).

    P.S. Lighten up. This isn’t a hate site, but I suppose it could be perceived that way if one wishes to do so.

    P.P.S. You sound like Harvard material.


  15. Alex

    Some of your best friends are Australian? That’s great, I’m Australian too.

    “P.P.S. You sound like Harvard material.”
    Thank you very much :)


  16. jane121

    It’s only defamation if it’s presented as factual.

    Anners does not expect her readers to believe Miranda is really a dingo. If I were Miranda Kerr I’d probably be pissed if I found this blog, but only for about 5 minutes. It’s not as though anyone is going to think badly of her after reading these posts.


  17. Anners Hussein Scribonia Caesar

    Thank you Janers. To my rescue as always. :) You’d think Alex, being a law student, would know that.

    @ Alex: Why are you giving a thumbs up to your own comments? ;)


  18. Sighs4l

    Dear About-to-Complete-a-Law-Degree Alex:

    If I want to say Miranda Kerr is a washed-up, lying, cheating hobag, you take that slander/defamation case and see how far that gets you.
    After you get that certificate from, that is. Don’t want you to be practicing law without a license…


  19. Anners Hussein Scribonia Caesar

    Wanda: I hope Alex takes your advice.

    Sighs41: I can personally vouch for It’s why I am a professor of phuckery at kateblogsworth university. ;)


  20. Alex

    @Sighs4l Fuck you, bitch!

    What a bunch of fucking hypocrites you all are. So I can’t argue my thoughts against the content on this trash site, but you can all happily slam me on a whim and nobody says anything about it. Wow that’s real diplomatic *slow clap*. Great little site you have over here *cough*

    Screw all of you. You can sit here and rot on this sad little hate site of yours, I’ve got actual work to do.


    Oh and by the way, I wouldn’t liken the University of Melbourne to or what ever it’s called. Shows what you know, retard. “Idjit” huh? Wow, the irony is astounding.


  21. Janers

    Woah – take a chill pill Alex. You came here attacking the blog, so of course it’s regular followers aren’t going to be impressed.
    This isn’t a site for discussions over the morality of gossip blogs. It’s a site for light hearted fun – if you don’t get the joke then move on.


  22. brittanyambera

    Wow, Sighs41 was just joking man. Why do you have so much anger??? Well no doubt you’ll “succeed” in your chosen profession, you really know how to read sarcasm. Also this isn’t a “hate site.” Yeah maybe it pokes fun at “certain” people but really its more than that if you look at different posts, you’ll find that everything is light and full of sarcasm. So your comment coming from an adult, I assume, is the only real hateful thing I’ve encountered on this website. Good luck going through life ;)


  23. Sighs4l

    Thank you Brittanyamb but meh. Alex just needs a chill pill.

    And Fuck You Bitch? I’ve had worse said to me by better. Alex, if that’s the best you can do, you might want to re-take that Rhetoric class. Clown.

    And I didn’t mean to call Miranda Kerr a ‘washed-up, lying, cheating hobag’; I mean to say “Miranda Kerr is a washed-up, lying, cheating TRASHY hobag”.

    Hmmm…the good buzz I had from SFD and OB at Sundance seems to have worn off…


  24. Akeelers Spielberg

    For the life of me I can’t understand why people are so passionate about someone who no one bothered to give a damn about 2 years ago, let alone even knew existed. It’s mystifying really.


  25. Janers

    Yeah – but I can’t help it. She was just so daft thinking that sighs was really serious about her getting a degree at rather than making a point of her lack of legal knowledge


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