What’s Wrong With This Picture?

A whole ephing lot!  Scarf Monster ain’t wearing no scarf and he also did something new and more repulsive than usual to his hairs.  

I don’t like him.

Either does Katers, though, so it’s all good!   She got mad at him in Ibiza and threw his man-purse into the water.   He was all mad because inside of that  man-purse contained his cell phone, personal diary and a laptop that had six brand-new crummy Kills songs on it.   That shiz must have killed his spirit.   A source who had the good-fortune to witness all of this had this to say:    

“Jamie was speechless.  He waded into the water to take the bag out, and tried to save the laptop – removing the hard drive and putting it into an airing cupboard.

Alas, Scarfmonster’s attempts to save the life of his laptop failed.  His relationship with Katers, however, is still alive despite the fact that he’s an awful human being.




Kate Moss' Nicotine Addiction!

love the shoes!


2 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With This Picture?

  1. What’s Wrong With This Picture?

    1. Ummmmm, Jamers pants are too tight. They must have shrunk when he waded into the water to save his man bag;

    2. Errrrmmmmm, Jamers pants are too faded. He should try using washing powder with colour stay;

    3. Hhahhaaahahahaa! Jamers is wearing ladies ankle boots;

    4. Jamers is NOT wearing a scarf AND FINALLY

    What’s Wrong With This Picture?

    5. Jamers is in it.

    Did I get em’ all right?


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