I Want To Be Kate Bozzers, Part 1

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If I was Moronduh Kerr, I’d want to be Kate Bozzers, too.   She’s more talented, better-looking, the fashion industry (the real one, that is) loooves her, and she has a cute boyphriend who likes her.

Why is she standing EXACTLY like her?

Who brings an ugly handbag (the one on the right) of this size to an 'event'?! A silly dingo, that's who!
If the dingo copied Kate Bozers more closely, she would have brought something a little smaller.

Pretty Head Shape.
This is what you'd call "An Unfortunate Profile". :(
Here's Kate and her cute boyphriend (who likes her).


^ What’s in this ephing bag, anyway?  A new change of clothes in case she goes all wild and gets blood all over her?

Exhibit B:


Over and out.


37 thoughts on “I Want To Be Kate Bozzers, Part 1

  1. Neely O'Hara

    Ew, seeing how that Kerrazy Bitch is copping Boz’s style is creepy! Can’t someone tell her to get her own lousy life & stop glomming onto other people’s? It only makes Kate look better & better.


  2. pegs223

    Kerrazy seems to need to copy a lot of peoples lives. I’m guessing she doesn’t like hers at all. Yeah?


  3. PoorOrlando

    Anners Scribonia, you are a freakin’ genius. I hope you’re getting paid for this stuff! I know you’re not, but you certainly should be. Seriously, somebody out there has to give you your own tv show or something. I’m so glad I found you.

    Mirandho doesn’t stand a chance with you around.

    That’s it, I’m mailing Whorley excerpts from this blog. Take that, Mr. Bloom!


  4. Akeelers Spielberg

    She is such a label whore! If you’re gonna rock name brands, at least get the cute shit! One of the very few people who can make $5,000 worth of clothes look cheap. Yukkk!


  5. Janers

    I’m going to go team Dingo on this one. Bozzers does seem smarter and more dignified but at least the Dingo isn’t wearing anything dead (unless you count her style). Maybe she gets her clothes off and it’s a tad ditzy/slutty but she doesn’t endorse cruetly in order to get credibility from the fashion industry and I respect that.

    What can I say? I am a dog person.


  6. Neely O'Hara

    Janers- After extensive research I have learned the Fendi coat was some kind of sheared fur, so don’t worry no animal died for that coat. Please reconsider voting for the dingho in anything.


  7. Orlando, currently in Los Angeles, was not available for comment.
    His mum said: “After six years of back-to-back filming he is relaxing and taking out his girlfriend Miranda Kerr. She’s a lovely girl.


  8. Mystic

    I’m not surprised that his mom said something like that. I get the feeling she loves the attention Orlando gets so then she gets it too. Even Orlando said the word ‘nice’ doesn’t describe his mom.


  9. @Wanda

    Wanda, then Ms.Copeland went and laid on the couch and called for her pills and cold rags. She was breaking out in a sweat after she hung up the phone. She also had her fingers crossed behind her back when she was saying it.

    Whatever Eri. As if it means something? What is she going to say “I can’t believe my son has fallen off the radar and is doing this pimping shiz with this fugly desperate for fame panty ho”?


  10. Neely O'Hara

    I looked up her thread on TheFashionSpot & someone there said it was sheared. (By “someone” i mean somebody who certainly can talk fashion & she/he acted like she/he was very familiar w/Fendi stuff. Its in her “old” thread not her new one, if you want to look it up.) :)


  11. jaded4good

    Wanda, I am ready to pay a generous fee if it will knock you out of your lazyness. I wanna see that film!!!!


  12. Joders

    Wanda, I’ll help you do the sock puppet film when I get there in November and you can release it at Christmas time just in time for the holidays. Hours (okay, minutes) of fun for the whole family!


  13. Ki-Ki

    Ladies the sex tapes would go back by a good six years according to his mother, who btw, is an interesting dresser. There may be some Viggo action in there.


  14. marcela

    wow that was completly retarded. especially the cpmparison on the first picure when ther are both standing sideways, that just happens. shes not gonna go on google and look for kates pictures, look at how she stands, and then do it, that would be pathetic, but no AS pathetic like you guys actually finding a picture to match.
    and miranda is way prettier.. at least shes not an anorexic bitch. she won him fairr and squareeee!
    and before judging her, please take a look at the mirror,, apparently you forgot to take a look at something!

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  15. Anners Scribonia

    Simmer down, Marcela. It’s not all that serious. Miranda is not way prettier… she’s super duper fugly.


  16. Hear, Hear Anners :)

    Seriously Marcela, calm the eff down, its all done in jest.

    Apart from the part where Miranda is fug and untalented. That’s the truth.


  17. Janers

    It’s the outfit she was comparing – not the way she’s standing and I don’t think it’s just Boz who has issues with food either.

    No one ‘won’ anyone – firstly, human beings are not prizes and secondly, Kate had moved on years before any dingos began sniffing around her sloppy seconds.


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