Yesterday Was A Sad Day


First Farrah Fawcett diedand then Michael Jackson.   I came home from work and got the sad news.  Michael Jackson was an awesome entertainer.   He was also a human being;  sometimes people forget that.    I grew up on Moonwalker.   Here’s a picture of him from Moonwalker.   Maybe it’s the “Smooth Criminal” clip.  I loooooved that one.   It was all gangster.   “Annie is you okay?”   No!  I’m not okay! 

God bless Michael Jackson.





12 thoughts on “Yesterday Was A Sad Day

  1. Akeelers Spielberg

    Sorry for posting on everyone’s boards today but I really don’t know what to do with myself. I need closure. This hurts so bad.


  2. ducati

    R.I.P M J……………music moves us all and the world just lost one of its masters.

    @Akeelers feel better it will take some time.


  3. panders

    no matter what happened with him in his personal life, his music touched us all, helped us get through, and let us dance off our fears and pain. i hope he can finally be at peace now, wherever he is.


  4. I woke up this morning and it was still true. And I still can’t quite believe it.

    The world has lost one of the most talented and special human beings ever to have lived and is a sadder place for it.

    May your eternal sleep be restful, Michael, and may you finally find the peace you searched for in life.


  5. PoorOrlando

    I, too, am shocked and saddened by Michael’s premature death and so sad life, but Farrah was my girl. For some reason, I just adored her, as did this whole country. What was it about her? She really didn’t do much and most of it was kind of weird. I think it was just her lust for life. She was so happy all the time, she lifted me up everytime I saw her. I was mesmerized by her short-lived reality show, Chasing Farrah, I think it was called. And her documentary on her cancer treatment was hypnotizing. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her and couldn’t believe what was happening to her. She never gave up. Amazing! I also loved her and Ryan Oneil’s relationship. Now those were two people in love!

    Michael’s life just always seemed so sad to me. He lost his childhood and now he lost his adulthood, but he did bring joy to millions, or shall I say, billions around the world, and for that we are all eternally grateful.

    People like him and Elvis and Marilyn Monroe and Steve Irwin, just to name a few, burn so brightly during life that they just burn out too soon, I guess.

    Rest in peace, Farrah and Michael. (I made myself cry.)


  6. Janers

    I’ve never really known much about his music to be honest. My heart goes out to Farrah’s and Michael’s loved ones though.


  7. OMG I got a tweet from CNN when I was on 95N driving back to DC from Richmond, VA and I had to pull over to the side of the road because I was in such disbelief. MJ has been my favorite performer since forever. What bothers me about the situation however is how every media outlet is now talking about how his kids aren’t really his kids. That has to be really hard for the kids to have to hear.


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