Be Still, My Beating Heart


Whorelando Bloom just needs to phuck off at this point::  Ben Barnes is a much hotter British Boy.  He’s also “legitimately” tall,  intelligent, and as far as I know, doesn’t own a dingo-damaged oui oui.

Here are some random pictures of Ben Barnes courtesy of the hot girls at the Ben Barnes Forum.  I totally filched these from them, but I don’t think they’ll mind.   The pictures are here for no phucking reason other than the fact that Ben Barnes is all sorts of special.  But perhaps people like Wanda, who haven’t yet been spellbound by Prince Lesbian’s beauty, will finally see what’s what.








14 thoughts on “Be Still, My Beating Heart

  1. Callie

    These pics aren’t really doing much for me, but the Dorian Gray trailer totally does. I think I’ll go rewatch that again to better appreciate Mr Barnes.

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  2. Neely O'Hara

    Wow, he is seriously pretty. Much prettier than Whorelando EVER was. Let’s hope he keeps his head & keeps working. Can he act at all? I’ve never seen one of his movies. He is adorable, tho. :)


  3. Anners, Lover of Chandler

    Um, you guys are being mean to the father of my unborn child-people… I mean Mr. Barnes…



  4. PoorOrlando

    Neely, yes he can really act. He was great in Easy Virtue. Saved the film, if you ask me, from that horrible woman Jessica Biel, who should never be let near a sound stage again.

    I am drooling to see Dorian Gray. Yummy! And, there looks like there’s some really naughty scenes in it. Yippee! If I can’t have the real Ben, then I’ll take what I can get.

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  5. PoorOrlando

    Anners, thank you for the post! Great minds think alike!

    IMDB says Ben just started filming the next Narnia movie in Queensland, Australia. This is not good. The dingho will be there soon and if she decides to make headlines by dumping Whorley for Bensie, I think the universe will just explode into a gazillion little pieces. I know my head will. You’ll be able to hear me yelling, “Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!” from here to the moon.

    Let’s hold our collective breaths until he leaves down under.


  6. Anners, Lover of Chandler

    Poor Orlando: I don’t think Ben would ever bother with the wild, slutty dingo of Gunnedah. So there’s nothing to fear! He’s a good boy with reputable parents who wouldn’t allow him to bring a wild, disease-riddled animal home with him.

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  7. Never fear Poor Orlando, I’ll keep an eye on Ben while he’s Down Under. And I feel sure should he bring a wild, feral, rabid animal home with him, his parents would shoot it.


  8. PoorOrlando

    Oh Anners and Joders: I had the worst day today and then you two took away all the pain and suffering. Bless you!

    You’re both right. What was I thinking. I remember him on Jimmy Kimmel (it’s probably on you tube) when he told a story about his youth when he did something bad and instead of his parents yelling at him, all they said was, “We’re very disappointed.” Ha! With that kind of civilized upbringing, Ben Baby may even shoot the wild, feral, rabid, disease-riddled animal himself!

    But Joders, still be on the lookout because even the most noble of men have their weaknesses when it comes naked-ass model wanna-bes tied to trees in the woods.

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