Hobby Horse News

article-1201441-05CD77AD000005DC-313_224x553Sienner Miller is in that new G.I. Joe movie that is probably not going to bomb when it’s released, even though it should.   Thus, she’s on the media circuit as of late, and she is saying cool things.   One of the cool things she is saying pertains to the action-figure effigy they made of her character, the Great Hobby Horse Bandit.  

In plain English, Sienner feels that her action-figure doesn’t freaking look like her.   Her exact words were that the damned thing is “cross-eyed and has the biggest chin you have ever seen.”  In other words, it looks just like Jennifer AnusChin. 

Sienner should shut her gob and be happy with that fact, though.  Because if the doll actually looked like her, it would very much resemble a miniature hobby horse complete with a giant, wobbly head and a prescription for valtrex.




Rise Of Cobra Baroness - The Sienna Miller figurine


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