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Kate Moss and Karen Mulder: St. Tropez Splash Party!

Of course it’s Kate Mossers!  Thus far, I’m pretty positive all “Guess The Slag’ posts have been about Mossers.   The elegant and gorgeous slag-mummy has been on vacation in St. Tropez for the past two months or something.  Gotta love her because she is a slag and a mummy both and dresses and behaves really hot whilst being both things.

Still hate her boyfriend, though.   Someone should toss his ass overboard.

cute retro-style bikini!

cute retro-style bikini!

On the way to the club after a fun day!

Kate and Jamie board the fun yacht!


3 thoughts on “Guess The Slag

  1. That’s a very cute little denim / gingham outfit she’s sporting there.

    OMG! Hunch has legs! I expected him to be wearing skinny jeans and a scarf.


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