Milla Yo! Ya Bytch Is Getting Married


Milla Jovovich is finally going to get married to that tall director dude after being engaged for six years  and creating a child-person with him.   Milla says:   “We’ve been together for a long time. We’ve talked about marriage a few times, but we were pretty easy about the whole thing. . .  What decided it? Having a baby. That pretty much decided it. So we don’t have a little b*****d running around.”

Thus, the only bastard in the house after the impending nuptuals will be her.  She’s a bastard for saying ‘bastard’ in that context!   What an unfortunate  choice of word for Milla to have used.   I’m upset with that word.  Oh well, she’s still my homegirl.

By the way, this picture is not a still from the set of Dazed and Confused!  This is Milla in real life at LAX being hard-core hippie-fabulous.  





4 thoughts on “Milla Yo! Ya Bytch Is Getting Married

  1. Janers

    Getting married now is not going to change the fact that the kid was still born out of wedlock.

    Kinda odd reason to get married.


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