The DingHo Needs A Muzzle

miranda kerr is ugly

Mirandingo Nobody(Kerr)s lives in fear of falling on the catwalk because catwalks are full of  “slippery” surfaces and so on.   Her phucking greasy-ass phace is a slippery surface so she ought to be used to slippery shiz by now;  that’s how dumb she is.  

Sayeth dingobrains:   “Evree catwok is difrint.  Sumthymes they are really slipperee.  Sum have glittuh that’s a cupple of inchiz thick [just like her phucking skull].  It gets all up in yer toez. It’s a little bit messy – glittuh flying everywhere.”

In the phucking wetodded article I just read, the dingo is also waxing philosophic about the hardships of being a model.  Seems she and other models have to deal with such very challenging obstacles such as foul weather!    Yep, being a model is tantamount to being a bloody Ice Road Trucker or something:   “If it raynes we still have to wurk and that can be mizeruble.  It’s hard to look sexy in the rayne,” sayeth dingobrains.

Someone needs to tell Gunnedingo that it’s not all that hard to look sexy in the rain if one is actually sexy to begin with.   This fact is being illustrated by none other than Princess Caspian herself: 




By the way, the dingo is BLONDE, now.   She’s an ugly blonde.   Then again, she was an ugly brunette too.   She’s just ugly, period.

I’ve said my piece.




17 thoughts on “The DingHo Needs A Muzzle

  1. Mystic

    I never seen a more vacant look on a person especially in the first pic. She looks crazy in the second one. Girl gots some big front teeth.


  2. PoorOrlando

    How dare you say that SadieJo!!! I will never forgive you.

    Gunnedingo… dingobrains…Ha Ha Ha!

    Thanks again for the Ben pictures. OMG! How sessy is he all sopping wet and all. I need to take a shower now. Thanks a lot.

    That last picture of the dingho is very disturbing. Eeeewwww.


  3. This girl is so dumb it makes me want to smash my head against a hard surface until my brains ooze out my left ear. And even then I’d still be smarter than her.

    She needs to get a grip – maybe on that penis I’m convinced she’s got in her Victoria’s Secret undies (that is Victoria’s Secret you know, some of the models are actually men). She clearly doesn’t realise how spoilt and ridiculous she sounds by complaining about having to work in inclement weather.

    Here’s a newsflash, dingHo. I have to work come rain, hail or snow. Well okay, not snow. But I do have to work when it floods.

    How about you try going to work in the rain, watching it get heavier by the minute, watching the ceiling of your office cave in from the weight of the rain, watching a phucking cargo ship wash up on the beach, having the trains cancelled because the rail lines are flooded, organising a lift home with a workmate and her husband, waiting for half an hour in the pouring rain while her husband drives 4 blocks to pick us up (a trip than normally takes 5 minutes), driving through the streets of the 6th biggest city in Australia in 3 foot floodwaters that are rising by the minute and watching cars and people get swept away by the current and finally arriving home 2 hours later (a trip that normally takes 25 minutes) wet and freezing. Now that’s a day at the office.

    I’d gladly have glitter up between my toes and get paid what you get paid.

    Stop whingeing. In fact, just stop talking altogether. I already know you’re stupid, but you don’t have to keep proving it to me.


  4. Janers

    For all her flaws the dingo has always had really nice hair, not so anymore tho – I don’t think that light organgey brown colour looks good on anyone.


  5. Akeelers Spielberg

    Don’t be so hard on Sadie Jo! Sympathy For The Dickhead might be another 90 minutes of her life that she’s not gonna get back from Whorelando. Show some compassion!

    Sounds like the dingho snorted a few lines of glitter right before she did this interview.


  6. fook moi, just when i thought she couldn’t get any more stoopid, she comes out with something like this……

    people are loosing jobs, struggling to keep homes during this economic crisis and she’s moaning about the trials of working with glitter and rain….

    and no Mirandingo, it isn’t hard to look sexy in the rain – you should talk to whorely, he seems to have that one covered!!

    Ps loving Gunnedingo – great name for her!!


  7. elle

    all I ever see her is a red carpet events…she thinks shes some big celebrity, but I only know her as that stupid model with the babyish voice who’s dating Orlando bloom. I also hate how she is obviously anorexic but doesn’t get any crap about it b/c she’s a model and kate bosworth does!


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