Modeling… You’re Doing It Wrong


Mirandingo’s own phans are laughing at the low-budget phuckey that is her Victoria’s Secret  catalogue posing and outfits.   One said the dingo looked like a “housewife”, which is an insult to housewives all the world over, actually.   Oh well.

Here’s Gunnedingo trying to look sexy but FAILING (even though there’s no rain around).

The captions in the photos belong to the slags at the fashion Spot.

P.S.   I am currently working on the dingo tragic play.   Should be up in a day or two.  Or three.   Laters.

Source:   *tata* @  The Fashion Spot

'And the blue sweater is so "I'm just gonna go out and buy some milk for the baby"'
'brb baking cookies'
'But sugarpie... we already had sex this month.'



18 thoughts on “Modeling… You’re Doing It Wrong

  1. jaded4good

    Aunt Margaret called, she wants her old clothes back. She said she donated them to the homeless, not a dog pound.


  2. Mystic

    Damn she has a big nose. Dingho since you claim to have earned over 3 million dollars last year, I think you can afford a bit of plastic surgery to fix it. Actually you need more than ‘a bit’.


  3. wow those photos are errrr “stunning”, mind you it must be hard to get a canine to stand still enough to take a photo in different outfits..

    looking forward to that play :D


  4. SadieJo

    How much of this crap does VS have to sell to pay her $3,000,000.00 per year?

    Somebody better get to buyin’ cuz it’s not gonna be me or my cat (though my cat would look good in the fuzzy pink number.)


  5. PoorOrlando

    Eeeewww… I’d fire her bony ass. Ya know, she was never a stunning beauty (as much as I hate to disagree with the JJ bunch), but she is really getting more and more hard on the eyes as the minutes tick by. She won’t last much longer. Better get that engagement ring for real, I fear. Her time is up.


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