Shag or Gag?


Today is the birthday of a wondrous woman named Master Tsukai.  Master Tsukai is a professional, a wife, a mother, and the originator of some of the most glorious photos of Paul Banks and Daniel Kessler playing their (musical) instruments that the world has ever seen.  I kid you not. 

In honor of Master Tsukai’s birthday, I present her (and the rest of you slutters) with a shag or gag? on Beto Cuevas.   He is the lovechild of the strange triad of Adam Lambert, Jared Leto, and Count Dracula

Haaappy Birthday, Master Tsukai!





9 thoughts on “Shag or Gag?

  1. Jossie

    I’ve thought so too that he looks like jared leto, i thought i was crazy, glad i’m not. when he was still in La Ley, i went to one of his shows, he was lipsynching, bummer. and mmm i cant decide if he is a shag o gag.


  2. Happy Birthday Master Tsukai!

    As a birthday gift I have decided you can have Beto all to yourself to shag. I thought I might have to steal him away from you when he was looking all Russell Brand-ish in that very first pic, but when he started looking like Enrique Iglesias in the second pic, I knew that you could have him all on your own.

    Hope you have a spectacularly fabulous day!


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