muchas maravillo!


yes, that is my leg he is grabbing in the pic above ;D and nice shout out to thomas mann, gorda!

ok, so what i want to know is what all the fellow interpol slags think of the new julian plenti shiz. do you love it? do hate it? are you meh about it?

i, personally, am not a huge fan of it. i don’t hate it but i certainly don’t have it in constant rotation with totbl and antics. i do love games for days and the video is serious hotness! plus i thought it was super cool beans that he used emily haines (from metric) as his hot lady friend in it.

is anyone going to be seeing him on tour? stella and i will be seeing him in l.a. and san diego (anners, you should totes come down and join us for the l.a. gig!) how about elsewhere? and how about abroad? i know he’s playing in europe… any euro slags heading to any of his shows out there? you can find the u.s. tour dates here and the european tour dates here.

i’ll leave you all with the fiery vid for games for days. i know this came out a million years ago but i could watch this on repeat for hours. ok, maybe i already have. one more time isn’t going to kill me! ;) he is such a little hipster!


10 thoughts on “muchas maravillo!

  1. Minnie

    I’m trying to catch Mr Plenti in London this December :) And yes, I like this JP stuff quite a lot, especially the photoshoots :D


  2. M

    I like it. Much prefer I’pol stuff but in the meantime, why not? And I have to say that the songs have stuck with me. I find that they get stuck in my head and/or I start singing something under my breath and it’s from that album. Gonna probs. check JP out at the Bowery Ballroom.


  3. Anners Scribonia

    I dislike the JP stuff a whole lot!

    BUT I would love to see you and stella in L.A. in November. I’ll be in town with (Wanda, Joders and Lindsers!); if I can’t make the show maybe we’ll just show up outside the club to say helllllllo. Or let’s do some cheap food afterward?! Lemme know, gurrl-io.


  4. hi konst! how have you been?

    minnie – i love the photo shoots, too! you’ll have to let me know how the london show goes! are you a fan of blur at all? if so, did you see them perform out there?

    m – which are your faves? and i am so jealous you are going to bowery… i miss nyc!

    for shizzles anners – that would be the best! i know, i tried listening to the album again yesterday and i just couldn’t get in to it. i am still going to the show, anyway :P


  5. hazey jane

    Hmmm… I like the JP stuff, but I definitely don’t listen to it as much as I listen to Interpol. I still don’t know what to think about this new style of our beloved cola gorda. I miss chubby Banks. :(


  6. Minnie

    dear hazey jane: ditto to chubby banks, and i feel your pain, but we must look on the bright sight: he is tuning in for male modeling and it suits him. i like seeing him wearing expensive clothes and sunglasses, and being playful B)

    here’s a link to an article with an interesting photoshoot, for everyone who haven’t seen it yet:

    dear tiffers: hi there! yes, i will definitely make a report to you about everything that happens in london. :) i have not catched blur live, i used to be a huge fan but now i am way past them. AND please do tell us more what you love in the JP photoshoots?

    dear m: i guess we are the only ones here that do not dislike cola’s musical detours!!!


  7. M

    Tiffers: my faves @ the moment are “Only If You Run”, “Games for Days”, “Fly As You Might” and “On the Esplanade” but occasionally “Fun That We Have” gets stuck in my head even though it’s a pretty silly song. What I find interesting is that the mostly instrumental tracks like “Skyscraper” also stay with me. It’s not Interpol and I don’t love the album with the ferocity and devotion that I do TOTBL and Antics (OLTA has its highlights but I prefer the first two). I view it as something to fill in the time until the new I’pol album comes out. I’m sure Banksy would loooove to hear that!

    Minnie: I’m surprised! I thought for sure there would be lots more cola love. :) But I can understand why people aren’t all over the JP stuff.


  8. Hi everyone!

    Sorry for being away but max and my circunstances didn’t allow me to check everything… I’ve been dreaming about Julian Plenti… i really want to see him live soon but i really don’t have money to go to LA next november… just for remember good days… but i just want to see dan kessler again… please! :D


  9. hi hazey! i miss chubby banks, too. maybe i’ll tell him to eat something when i see him ;)

    minnie – what isn’t there to love about the photo shoots?!?! :D he’s all uber hipster boy these days and i have to say i lurve it!

    m – i think banksy knows that the mole patrol isn’t as stoked about his shiz vs. interpol. but it is so totes different and that’s probably his point. i just wish the new interpol album would ephing come out already!

    hi master! hopefully kessler and the boys will be back on tour again soon!


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