Happy Birthday, Tiffers Euphonius!

I know you want one of these things sitting on your front lawn, Tiffers.
I know you want one of these things sitting on your front lawn, Tiffers.

I think it’s safe to say that all the cool bytches are/were born in October or something!     

Holler!   Happiest of Happy Birthdays to you, Tiffers!  I sincerely hope that your day is full of all of the splendor and assorted wonderfulness that you deserve it to be!

Much Lurve,




It’s Jackson Rathbone.   I had a hard time remembering who your boyfriends were.   Do you still want this one?   You should; he’s sorta cute.  :)


Here’s Jarvis singing an AIR song:    

cocker2007 <— Here’s Jarvis being Jarvis.jarviscocker180607_W

^ Ditto.


^ Ah, it’s Ashtanga Yoga Booty.   Please call him this to his face at the Julian Plenti show.   Kthanxbai…   and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!


11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Tiffers Euphonius!

  1. PoorOrlando

    I hope you had a fabulous birthday, Tiffers! You are a great friend to Anners and erego, to the rest of us “Miranda haters” out here in cyberspace. Although, I have no idea who any of your boyfriends are above.

    At any rate, yes, I’d say October is a great month for birthdays! Keep the posts coming. You have a tremendous following and I, for one, really appreciate you. Now, if only Whorley would come to his senses and do the same, right?


  2. stella

    happy birthday sloot.. even though it was awhile back and wait, i went to breakfast with you and waited for yer ass while u got detoured all over my wood, the holly.
    here’s to julian plenti in a few weeks!!
    ; )


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