Irony Alert!


Keira Knightley is going to perform in a real-life theatrical production  of’ The Misanthrope this December in London’s West End.  

They couldn’t have picked a better person than Keirers to star in a play that alludes to hatred for all mankind.  The only people Keirers likes are her parents and her boy — Rupert — friend.   I think.

 La Misanthrope told some whores who dared to approach her that she is “terrified but excited” about the whole entire situation. 

The director of the production – who previously exploited Daniel Radcliffe’s junk two years ago in Equus’ – said:   “I’m interested in working with her, to push her in a way that I don’t think she has been pushed before.”  

If the director really wants to push Keirers in a way that Kierers has never been pushed before,  he ought to give Keirers a nice shove into the river Thames.   Just for kicks.



8 thoughts on “Irony Alert!

  1. PoorOrlando

    I hate to give you any credibility whatsoever, Anonymous Coward, but no one who is making millions of dollars a year doing what they love to do for a living (I assume Keira loves to act) has no right to complain about anyone or anything, which she does. On the other hand, the goddess blogger, Anners Scribonia, who gets nothing from this blog except the pure satisfaction of entertaining her multitude of devoted followers, has every right to blast millionaire “actors” who dare say they are suffering. And, that includes Whorley, who wanted to be taken “seriously” as an actor and now can’t seem to get a role that makes it to the big screen, to the dismay of his legions of rapidly dwindling fans.

    So, get over it and enjoy this website for what it is. Pure entertainment.

    P.S. In spite of Keira’s poor attitude, I adores her and can’t wait to see her in the remake of My Fair Lady – perfect casting!


  2. Anonymous Coward

    Can’t agree with that. As far as I’m concerned everyone’s got the right to complain if they feel like it be they millionaires or homeless. And I certainly didn’t mean to imply otherwise.
    I just thought that irony comment was itself ironic, so I was actually enjoying myself and being entertained. It’s all good.

    Don’t know where this idea about Keira’s “poor attitude” comes from, though. In all the interviews I’ve seen she’s seemed quite happy and upbeat. Except for the one where she was accused of suffering from a potentially fatal mental disorder, I suppose.


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