It’s Kate Ann Bozzers at The Scream Awards.  What the phuckity phuck phuck are “the Scream Awards”?   Where have I been that I had  no clue this altar to phuckery even existed?   Ah, who cares!

Here’s Bozzers and Alexander Skarsgaaaaaaaaaaaaard.  She presented him with an award for making her scream in bed or something.    That’s what the gossip-mill is saying.    Or maybe she’s still with Jamers Rousseau.


3 thoughts on “Bozzers

  1. Janers

    She better still be with Jamers – they are such a sweet normal couple!

    I’m not a phan of the platinum blonde hair colour.


  2. Janers

    Her arms are more toned & muscular than the Dingo’s – Phat is an ugly word Joders.

    Bozzers looks the picture of health these days – take notes Dingo.


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